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Goodnow, Lyman / Recollection, 1880? [Transcriptions]
Call Number, Milwaukee SC 19 ([unpublished])

Lyman Goodnow's story,   pp. [1]-11 PDF (2.1 MB)

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                      LYMAN GOODNOW'S STORY
       Caroline Quarlls, the first slave transported over the
 underground railroad from this region, was probably an octoroon. 
She had thin lips, straight nose and was not very dark which 
probably accounted for her being able to escape from St. Louis
 where she was owned   by an aunt, a Mrs. Hall. Caroline obtained
 some money, got permission from her mistress to visit a friend
 and taking a bundle of clothes which she had dropped from her 
window she took the steamboat to Alton, Illinois.
       There a colored man who suspected she was a runaway slave
 uged her not to stay in Alton and put her on the stage for 
Milwaukee.   On arriving there she saw a colored man by the name
of Titball, a barber, and judging he would befriend her, she told 
him her story.  He took her to his home where she stayed about 
a week.    At this time some St. Louis lawyers appeared  in 
Milwaukee searching for Caroline.  They approached Titball and
 he would have given up the girl to them for a sum of money, but
 a firm of white lawyers heard about the matter and hid Caroline
in some brush until night.  A man by the name of Brown finally took her to
his home and kept her for a day, but the next night
 started for Pewaukee with her in a rickety wagon which he feared
 would not last for the trip.  Just before striking a main road, Mr. Brown
heard voices and stopped till some  men on horseback
road by.   They were the St. Louis lawyers with some from Mlwaukee 
and had been to Prairieville looking for Caroline. and were on their

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