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Oral History with Parins, Alex (1976)


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0:00 Introduction.

Introduction. [never recorded]

0:05 Original owners of...

Original owners of the property: Cyril Delfosse; interesting transition from government to lumber companies, to settler land ownership.

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2:05 Small nature of...

Small nature of original house, now just a shed, not sure of date of construction.

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2:29 Explanation for town...

Explanation for town road going between the buildings of the single farm. Apparently the original survey differed from a later check by that many feet. So the county moved the road over to the new line, after some buildings had already been constructed. Didn't worry at that time about just horse and buggies going between their buildings, unlike today.

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4:17 Routes of the old...

Routes of the old roads: Little Sturgeon to Brussels via Gardner. Highway 57 follows the same route today in some places, but at other points the old roadbed is still visible.

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5:39 The nature of roads...

The nature of roads 75 years ago: spring break-up, milk trucks getting stuck.

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6:49 More explanation of...

More explanation of survey mistake: town line must be on roadway. Corrected at end of Town section, creating a jog in some places. Modern roads have smoothed out this difference.

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7:57 The second house...

The second house built on the site, later a summer kitchen was added on; had no outdoor oven, but did have a chimney. The third and present house built in the early 1900s.

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9:16 There is an older...

There is an older house in the area (log covered with siding) owned by Ray Baudhuin. Its location is discussed.

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9:59–15:52 Other old people who...

Other old people who would know more about the farm. Delfosses have always lived in the immediate area. Henry Macaux, who is close to 80 years old, speaks Walloon better than English.

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12:28–12:45 Addition on the house...

Addition on the house made of boards.

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15:52 Original builder...

Original builder - Cyril Delfosse. The carpenter system of that time - no contractors, just several carpenters who circulated, like Edward Macaux.

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16:39 Discourse concerning...

Discourse concerning inter-relations of the several Belgian families.

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17:16 Oscar Fontaine...

Oscar Fontaine - carpenter who built a barn according to specifications of the farmer he was constructing it for, but Oscar was afraid it wouldn't hold up long enough for him to be paid.

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19:03 Old construction...

Old construction techniques: made buildings to last forever, if taken proper care of. Description of shed built with cedar shake walls. Had squared-off, interlocking corners, not squared for brickwork, apparently. All the logs were of cedar.

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22:36 Milkhouse wasn't...

Milkhouse wasn't added until recently, onto the back of the barn, but they still used the same construction techniques with cedar logs, because they knew how substantial it would be.

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23:26 Buildings across the...

Buildings across the road used for machinery storage and a threshing floor.

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24:10 End.


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