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Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters


Urbrock, William J., Editor
Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
ISSN 0084-0505
volume 86
Madison, Wis.: Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, 1998

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[Title page] Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, pp. [i]-[ii]

Contents, pp. iii-vi

From the editor, Urbrock, Bill pp. [vii]-[x]

Overview of midwestern oak savanna, Anderson, Roger C. pp. 1-18

Some historical influences on modern views of nature in America, Budiansky, Stephen pp. 19-34

Vegetation changes associated with oak wilt in a Wisconsin sand savanna, Collada, Angela E.; Haney, Alan pp. 35-46

Incentives for savanna protection on private lands: past, present, and future, DePaul, Linda; Kopitzke, David pp. 47-56

Effects of Sericea lespedeza (Lespedeza cuneata (Dumont) G. don) invasion on oak savannas in Kansas, Eddy, Thomas A.; Moore, Cindy M. pp. 57-62

Small mammals of northwest Wisconsin pine barrens, Evrard, James O. pp. 63-76

A checklist of carices for prairies, savannas, and oak woodlands of southern Wisconsin, Hipp, Andrew pp. 77-100

Dispersal of Karner blue butterflies (Lycaeides melissa samuelis Nabokov) at Necedah National Wildlife Refuge, King, Richard S. pp. 101-110

Woody vegetation survey of Sibly Burr Oak Grove Nature Preserve, Ford County, Illinois, LaGesse, Vernon L.; McCain, William E.; Ebinger, John E. pp. 111-118

Identifying highly restorable savanna remnants, Leach, Mark K; Givnish, Thomas J. pp. 119-128

Black soil prairie groves of the headwaters region of east-central Illinois, McClain, William E., et al. pp. 129-136

Restoration from the perspective of recent forest history, Mendelson, Jon pp. 137-148

Gradient responses for understory species in a bracken grassland and northern dry forest ecosystem of northeast Wisconsin, Neilsen, Scott E.; Haney, Alan pp. 149-166

Disturbance in Wisconsin pine barrens: implications for management, Niemuth, Neal D.; Boyce, Mark S. pp. 167-176

Adaptive management: a solution to restoration uncertainties, Power, Rebecca L.; Haney, Alan pp. 177-188

Analyzing forest landscape restoration potential: pre-settlement and current distribution of oak in the northwest Wisconsin pine barrens, Radeloff, Volker C., et al. pp. 189-206

Surviving where ecosystems meet: ecotonal animal communities of midwestern oak savannas and woodlands, Temple, Stanley A. pp. 207-222

Characterization of dry site oak savannas in the upper midwest, Will-Wolf, Susan; Stearns, Forest pp. 223-234

A sesquicentennial look at literary "firsts" in Wisconsin, Boudreau, Richard pp. 235-242

Wisconsin's first novel, Boudreau, Richard pp. 243-248

Deer reproduction in Wisconsin, McCaffery, Keith R.; Ashbrenner, James E.; Rolley, Robert E. pp. 249-262

Black bear food items in northern Wisconsin, Payne, Neil F., et al. pp. 263-280

Effects of trapping on colony density, structure, and reproduction of a beaver population unexploited for 19 years, Zeckmeister, Michael T.; Payne, Neil F. pp. 281-292

Membership, p. 293

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