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Wisconsin academy review

UW-Madison TEI edition, February 1, 2006


Miracle, Faith B., Editor
Wisconsin Academy review
issn 0512-1175
volume 36
issue 2
Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters, March 1990

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WISCONSIN ACADEMY REVIEW: March 1990 Volume 36, Number 2: CONTENTS




A Building for the Future, By Fannie Taylor

The Cross versus the Crescent: The Crusading Order of St. John, Text and Photographs by Patricia Powell

Malta in the Center and on the Margin, By Fannie LeMoine and Christopher Kleinhenz Photographs by Christopher Kleinhenz

“Pulse of the Continent”: The Railroad in American Literature, By Merton M. Sealts Jr.

Soil and Water Conservation Needs of the Republic of Iraq After the War, By Bashar J. Alhajjar

The Scratch of Plum-Colored Lace, By Kathleen Levy

[work], Ron Ellis

[work], By Mary Rivers

The Paper/Arts Festival in the Fox River Valley, By Kathleen Young Fenner

Give Me Literacy or Give Me Death!, By Robert L. Nicholas

H'Doubler and the Wisconsin Dance Idea, By Deborah Thomas

Margaret H’Doubler’s Ideas on the Role of Dance in Education:: Using Art and Science to Promote Individual Growth, By Mary Ann Brehm

H'Doubler and Dance, By Deborah Thomas


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