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Minutes of the regular meeting of the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin: May 11, 1957

Exhibit A: gifts and grants,   pp. 1-10

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GIFTS: (Continued) 
(h) $    100.00 - China Medical Board, Inc., New York, an unrestricted gift
                  use by the Department of Anatomy to defray departmental
                  incurred in connection with a fellowship sponsored by the
                  donor.  Similar contributions will be made available for
                  each month the fellow remains in the department. (47-2351)
(i) $  2,000.00 - Trustees of the estate of Thomas E. Bri~ingham University
                  Wisconsin Trust for the purpose of providing honoraria
                  speakers invited to the University of Wisconsin Medical
                  School in regard to cancer research.   (L47-167) 
(j) $  2,000.00- Minnesota Mining and lManufacturing Company, St. Paul, 
                  Minnesota, for the renewal /of the "kinnesota
                  Manufacturing Company Fe~owship in Chemistry"
                  1957-58 fiscal year. $1,400 will be used as the stipend
                  the fellow selected, and $600 will be used to cover tuition
                  and other expenses. The selection of a graduate fellow
                  to be left entirely to the discretion of the University.
                  However, the donors have indicated an interest in subject
                  matter related to polymerization. The major basis for 
                  selection, however, is to be "unusual promise
as a
(k) $     10.00- Woman's Auxiliary of the Miwaukee Veterinary Association,
                  contribution to the Veterihary Science Library Fund. (47-2019)
(1) $ 1,000.00- General Electric Educational and Charitable Fund, Schenectady,
                  New York, an unrestricted gift as a matching contribution
                  under their Corporate Alumnus Program for a gift made by
                  Glenn B. Warren. Upon the recommendation of Mr. Glenn B.
                  Warren, the matching contribution from the General Electric
                  Educational and Charitable Fund is to be used for salaries,
                  equipment, supplies, travel and other related expenses
                  connection with a program in the Engineering Experiment
                  tion to find and develop superior high school students
for all 
                  professions and intellectual fields. Additional contributions
                  may be added to the fund. (47-2141) 
(M) $  1,O00.00 - American Smelting and Refining Company, New York City,
                  the re ~wal during the 1957-8 academic year of the ASARCO
                  Schol grship plan in the College of Engineering. An award
                  $500 is to be made to a student in mining and the same
            ~to a student in metallurgy. Any student in these fields is 
                  eligible for the award, but preference is to be given to
                  juniors and seniors. ()47-978) 
(n) $    500.00- Mr. Edward Wray, Chicago, AIllinois, for the continuation
                  two undergraduate scholar/hips in Chemical Engineering.
() $      50.00 - Dr. E. L. Puls, Beaver Dam, W isconsin, a contribution
                  memory of Richard Puls, in support of leukemia r~earch
                  the Medical School. (h7-77) 

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