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Minutes of the regular meeting of the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin: May 11, 1957

Upon motion of Regent Rennebohm,   p. 15

Page 15

                                                         Regular Board 5ji.
/57   -$ 
ported that there was now a clear understanding regarding what the people
had in 
mind who had requested the restriction, which was that the restriction regarding
use for filling station purposes should apply to the entire four-acre parcel
for a 
period of twenty years.  He had urged the City to complete its action on
the zoning 
of this parcel and stated that he would regret to see a postponement which
necessitate this work being done over.  Pegent jones stated that he did not
wish to 
be arbitrary but that he, personally, did not like to pass on changes that
are pro- 
posed after a committee has acted, because he would prefer to see the record
put in 
proper form so that there could be no possibility of misconstruction or confusion
later, He stated that he would not be prepared to support a modified form
of this 
recommendation until the committee had considered it further. 
          The original motion and the second were withdrawn and Regent Rennebohm
moved the adoption of the above recommendation amended to read as follows:
          That in disposing of the parcel of land in the University .Mi1
          Farms, which is zoned Commercial A, and which is bounded on the
          East by Midvale Boulevard. on the South by Regent Street, and on
          the West by Segoe Road, the Regents agree that deed restrictions
          will be provided to: 
               (a) Prohibit for a period of twenty years any use for 
                    filling station purposes; and 
               (b) Require a thirty foot set-back in perpetuity on Mid- 
                    vale Boulevard, and on Regent Street. 
          The question was put on the above recommendation as amended, and
it was 
voted, with Regents Gelatt and Jones voting "No". 
          Upon-motion of Regent Rennebohm, seconded by Regent- Jones, it
          VOTED, That, subject to the approval of the Gover46r and the State
Engineer, the contract for street grading for University Hil Farms, Hilltop
tion and West Hill Addition, be awarded to Henry Thieding Loganville, Wisconsin
on the basis of the low bid in the amount of $!8,296. 71; and that the Vice
dent of Business and Finance be authorized to sign the contract. 
          Upon motion of Regent Rennebohm, seconded by Regent Jones, it was
          VOTED, That the Vice President of Business and Finance be authorized
sign an agreement with John C. Haley and Sons, Madison, Wisconsin, to amend
present agreement with the said John C. Haley and Sons, as contract brokers
for the 
sale of lots in the University wil Farms, as follows: 
          (1) Extend the expiration date to December 31, 1957, 

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