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Minutes of the regular meeting of the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin: May 11, 1957

Exhibit A: gifts and grants,   pp. 1-10

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                              GIFTS AND GRANTS 
(a) $    200.00- The Florists Telegraph Delivery Association, Unit G, 
                  Region 7, to establi-sh a scholoship in the College of
                  Agriculture. The scnolarship is to be awarded by the 
                  Dean of the College through the Loans, Fellowships, and
                  Scholarships Committee, upon recommendation of the Depart-
                  ment of horticulture, to a student majoring in commercial
                  floriculture and who has demonstrated talent in this field.
(b) $    180.00- The University League, Madison, Wisconsin, to provide a
                  scholarship in honor of hosa P. Fred, to be awarded by
                  Committee on Loans and Undergraduate Scholarships to an
                  undergraduate woman during the 1957-58 academic year. 
                  (47-305) (Accepted by the Secretary of the hegents April
                  2, 1957, in accordance with Regent action of January 12,
(c) $    524.4 - #4sconsin Inter-Scholastic Athletic Association representing
                  the net proceeds of the 1956 High School bas1ke tball Program,
                  to be added to the Guy M. Sundt Mvemorial Sc olarship.
(d) $     64.22- Friends of the late Lila b. Fletcher, to be added to the
                  Lila B. Fletcher Memorial Fund. (Trust) 
(e) $    100.00- The Mkilwaukee Bar Association Foundation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
                  the sixth annual contribution to the Milwaukee Bar Association
                  Prize Fund in the School of Law. This gift is to be awarded
                  as a prize or prizes to participants of the annual Iloot
                  competition in the Law School. The number of prizes, the
                  conditions of the competition, and the award of prizes
are to 
                  be determined by the Law School. The award must be given
                  during the same academic year that this gift is accepted.
(f) $ 1,000.00- Universal Oil Products Company, Des Plaines1 Illinois, for
                  the continuation of an undergraduate schol.ship program
                  the College of Engineering. This gift is to be awarded
                  three senior Chemical tngineering students who are deemed
                  deserving by the Loans and ocholarships Committee of the
                  College of Lngineering, or at the discretion of the Committee
                  not to exceed one-half these funds may be awarded to unusually
                  deserving juniors in Chemical Lngineering. (47-672) 
(g) $    250.00 - Bu~ise Pharmacy, Incorporated, Watertown, Wisconsin, for
           ~establishment and support of a grant to be known as the Ralph
                  H. Busse Grant in Pharmacy. The grant shall be given in
          I       or in part to a Watertown, W isconsin, resident who is
        "o- :ested in attending the School of Pharmacy of the University
        ~of Wisconsin, and who is seeking a career in pharmacy. In 
                  the event that there is not a qualified applicant from
                  Watertown, the grant shall be aw~arded to any qualified
    ~cant with preference given to candidate from the near vicinity 
                  of Watertown. The grant shall be given annually until term-
                  inated by the Board of Directors of said Corporation. (47-2379)
                                     -1-                       EXHIIT Tl

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