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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 58, Number 12 (April 15, 1957)

Badger bookshelf,   p. 37

Page 37

Graduate School
Beckons Returning
  With an eye to returning armed forces
veterans, the University's Graduate
School last month offered special en-
couragement to prospective candidates
for higher degrees.
   "The lack of qualified, technical man-
power in this country makes it impor-
tant that capable students be encouraged
to continue their educations," said Grad-
uate Dean Conrad Elvehjem. He wel-
comed inquiries regarding teaching and
research assistantships, which will carry
increased stipends next year.
   Housing opportunities will be espe-
cially interesting on campus. Dean of
Men Theodore Zillman reported open-
ings for resident counselors and house-
fellows that provide room and board.
And the number of University apart-
ments for married students is expand-
ing quite rapidly.
  Lt. Ted CALLIS, Fond du Lac, is teaching
  educational principles at the instructor train-
ing school, Harlingen, AFB, Harlingen, Tex.
  Pvt. Jerome RIVARD is working on the
Army guided missile program at Redstone,
Arsenal. He and his wife are living in
Huntsville, Ala.
  Ralph E. SENN, Spooner, is city attorney
  at Prescott.
  Lt. (iiaries L. PiiNĀ± is administrative om-
cer in the procurement division at the Seattle
Army Terminal.
  A representative of Lutheran Brotherhood,
Madison, is Neil B. DUPPEN.
  Charles S. DOSKOW, Croton-on-Hudson,
N.Y., is a member of the Harvard Legal Aid
Bureau at the Harvard Law school.
  John A. CHADBOURN, Columbus, was
promoted to first lieutenant at Ft. Mon-
roe, Va.
-        '55 Gift's Premiered
=    "The Titan," a film  on Michel-
   angelo, has been presented to the
   University by the Class of 1955 and
   received its premiere showing before
   a large audience on March 26 in the
   Commerce Building.
     Class Treasurer Bob Ozburn an-
   nounced that the moving picture is
   the first of a series of fine films to be
   made available by the class. The gift
   specifies that the film shall be shown
   on campus once each school year and
   during each summer session.           =
Wisconsin Alumnus, April, 1957
  By Bill S. Ballinger. Harper & Brothers.
  (Price $2.95)
  Suspense-novel enthusiasts will be in-
trigued by Bill Ballinger's latest novel,
told from the viewpoints of both the
hunter and the hunted. The author of
The Tooth and the Nail sets the scene
for his most recent thriller in New York
where a red-haired murderer and his
wife seek to evade police. "It is a poig-
nant story, written, plotted, and stylized
as only a matter craftsman like Bal-
linger can do it," Ben Benson says of
this novel. You won't be able to put it
  Davis. Chapel Hill. (Price $5.00)
  Former UW instructor Kenneth R.
Davis investigates and analyzes existing
marketing policies of the furniture in-
dustry in his book, Furniture Marketing.
  Leon A. Dale, '47. Vantage Press. (Price
  ".... there can be no democracy with-
out a free, strong labor movement,"
economist Leon A. Dale warns in this
timely book. Written for the general
reader as well as the student and special-
ist, Marxism and French Labor traces
the pyramiding influences of Marxism
in French Labor history and portrays the
determined efforts of Communists to
dominate the world's labor movements.
This thoroughly documented account
imparts an understanding of the nature
of the Communist threat and its impli-
cations on world security.
   Professor Helen M. Patterson of the
UW School of Journalism has revised
her text Writing and Selling Feature
Articles. Widely acclaimed as a college
text as well as a reference for free-
lance writers, Miss Patterson's book
deals with the practical aspects of writ-
ing feature articles, slanting them to
F.-D r___1
medical economics, Odin W. Ander-
son's book is a study of the nationwide
distribution of the costs of personal
health services among families, the ex-
tent of voluntary health insurance, and
the effect of such insurance on spread-
ing the cost of services. The book is
based on a representative sample of
American families and on extensive in-
terviews in their homes. Mr. Anderson,
now research director of the Health
Information Foundation, was aided by
Jacob J. Feldman of the National
Opinion Research Center.
  Advanced    Calculus, by   Prof. R.
Creighton Buck, of the University De-
partment of Mathematics, reviews ele-
mentary calculus, gives a systematic and
modem approach to the differential and
integral calculus, aims    to  develop
analytical techniques, and   introduces
the student to modern points of view in
mathematics. (Price $8.50)
markets, and preparing manuscripts with
an eye to sales. The third edition con-
tains charts and illustrations as well as
examples of feature article types. Pub-
lished by Prentice-Hall Inc., the book
sells for $5.50.
   The McGraw-Hill Book Company
has published three studies by Univer-
sity authors.
  James G. Dickson, '20, professor of
plant pathology, has revised and en-
larged  his book, Diseases of Field
Crops, to bring together current knowl-
edge and references on the diseases of
cereals, grasses, legumes, and    fiber
plants. (Price $8.50)
   A recent addition to the McGraw-
Hill civil engineering series is Con-
tracts, Specifications and Engineering
Relations, third edition-a standard col-
lege text for the past 40 years. The
original author, the late Daniel W.
Mead, came to UW as head of the
hydraulic  engineering  department in
1905. His son and co-author, Harold
W. Mead, '20, is president of Mead and
Hunt, Inc., Consulting Engineers, Mad-
ison. Joseph Reid Akerman, the third
author, is associate professor of me-
chanical engineering at the University.
(Price $7.00)
   A third book, Family Medical Costs
and Voluntary Health Insurance: A Na-
tionwide Survey, has been published by
McGraw-Hill's Blakiston division. Con-
sidered an important contribution to

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