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Lamoreaux, Jeanne D. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 45, Number 3 (Dec. 15, 1943)

Fighting Badgers,   pp. 77-86

Page 86

                             Photo by USAAF
      Guarding pilots of the Panama
Lt. Donald Ellis, '42, third from the lower left; Lt.
     Robert Dustrude, '45, upper left corner
     41-A, ASTU, 3225 SCSU (CCNY.)
     ft Pvt. Kenneth E. COX is with Co. D
     -29th MTB-lst Pltn., at C a m p
     Grant, Ill. He writes that Pvt. John H.
     HOCKING, is also stationed there-
     with Co. D 29th MTB., 1st Pltn. ft-
     Pfc. David H. EARLE is now with Co.
     E., Sec. 2, 1545 SU, ASTU, Cary Hall
     Postoffice, W. Lafayette, Ind. 'f 2nd
     Lt. George FISCHER has written from
     Int. Div. BCD, NYPE, Brooklyn, N. Y.
     ft Pvt. Francis J. MARTIN is with
     Co. D, 144 ASTB, 6th Reg., 3rd Pit.,
     N. Camp Hood, Texas. ft Pfc. Robert
     W. GALL has been promoted to T/5th
     Grade. He is with the 591st FA Bn.,
     HQ Btry., 106th Div., Ft. Jackson, S. C.
     His hometown is Baraboo. f Ralph T.
     JACOBSEN, Stoughton, is taking his
     basic flying training at Enid Army Air
     Field, Enid, Okla. ft Jules K. JOSEPH,
     H. A. 2/C is located at the U. S. Naval
     Hospital, Canal Blvd., New Orleans. f
     John D. KING, Mazomanie, is also
     taking his basic flying training at Enid
     Army Air Field, Enid, Okla. ft A/C
     Donald 0. KEYES, Milwaukee, is lo-
     cated with C.A.A.-WTS, St. Thomas
     College, Albert Hotel, Albert Lea, Minn.
     ft Pvt. Earl H. KOVACS and Pvt.
     Donald KIRKPATRICK are together at
     the ASTU, U. of i. Dak. Kovacs is
     with Sec. 12 and Kirkpatrick, Sec. 11.
     f A/C Lloyd 0. KRUEGER, Wausau,
     who entered service in July, 1942, is
     stationed in the army air corps at San
     Marcos, Texas. The address-44-1-8,
     AAF Navigation School. ft Pfc. James
     A. LAWRENCE, Rockford, Ill. is sta-
     tioned somewhere in India. f A/C
     John E. LENAHAN, Madison, is in
     training at C.A.A.-W.T.S., East Cow-
     boy Dormitory, U. of Wyoming, Lara-
mie, Wyo. ft  Richard G. LINS-
MEYER, S 2/C, is at Fleet Schools FC
11-44, Destroyer Base, San D i e g o,
Calif. ft S/Sgt. Harold H. MENZEL,
Stevens Point, is an advanced glider
student at South Plains, AAF, Lubbock,
Texas. ft Robert E. MUELLER, Ph.
M. 2/C, formerly of Milwaukee, is now
at the Amphibious Training Base, Den-
tal Dispensary, Little Creek, Va. ft
Egon W. MUELLER, S 2/C, is in Co.
6H NTS, Wright Jr. College, 3400 N.
Austin Ave., Chicago. ft Pfc. Mark
PERLMAN is with the ASTU 3920,
Co. A, U. of Oregon, Eugene, Ore. f
Cadet Hugh A. ROSS has a new ad-
dress. It is ASN, ASTU, Box 196,
Heidelberg College, Tiffin, 0. 'If A/C
Fred H. SCHMITZ has changed his ad-
dress too-it is: B. N. School, Sqd. 87,
FIt. C, AAB, Santa Ana, Calif. f Pfc.
William F. SPENGLER is at Rodman
Hall, SCU 3-425, ASTP, U. of N. Car.,
Chapel Hill, N. C. *ý Pvt. Clayton
SENGBUSCH, Reedsville, is now ATS
1 31-MCAD, C a m p Miramas, San
Diego, 45, Calif. ft Sam WINER,
H. A. 1/C, is at Unit 2, USNH, Corona,
Calif. ft Lt. Robert B. DUSTRUDE,
is one of the seven Wisconsin fighter
pilots recently assigned to defend the
Panama Canal. Lt. Donald ELLIS, '42,
is also in the group.
  In Oct. Thomas W. ADAMS was sta-
tioned at Northwestern U. in V-12. He
didn't think he would remain there for
much longer, tho. ft Pvt. Walter M.
OGARD is in Bt. A, 511 AAA Bn,
Camp Edwards, Mass. ft A/C Richard
G. ANDERSON has changed his ad-
dress to S. 3, 44-D, Gibbs Field, Ft.
Stockton, Tex. ft Pfc. Frank BARTAK
is in STAR U. :$4431, U. of Tenn.,
Knoxville, Tenn. 'f Pvt. Robert W.
BENZINGER, Wauwatosa, is in Bat-
tery C, 249th AAA S1. Bn., San Diego.
His roommate at Wisconsin was Pvt.
Robert E. STEINHAGEN and he is
stationed overseas. ft A/C Rexford
CONNELL is with Sq. 7, Flight J, 17th
AAFFTD, 29 Palms, Calif. ft Pvt. Paul
DERGARABEDIAN is back on the
campus. His address is Sec. 1, 54
AAFTTD, US, Madison 6. ft Pvt.
William A. DRYER, Kaukauna, is now
with 2nd Co., 5th TR., ASTP, BTC-
TIC, Ft. Benning, Ga. ft A/S Edmund
P. GESSERT, Wauwatsoa, entered the
U. S. Coast Guard in Oct., 1943. His
address is Co. 48, USCG TS., Manhat-
tan Beach, Brooklyn, N. Y. ft Gerald
S. GOLDBERG, Chicago, enlisted in
Sept. 1942. He entered active service
in March-with the coast artillery. He
is now serving overseas. ft A/S Wil-
liam D. GITTINGS is in Sqd. C. 46,
CTD., Tennessee Poly. Tech., Cooks-
ville, Tenn. f A/C Jefferson A. SIMP-
SON is with Sqd. 7, Flight C-i-
KAAF, Kingsman, Ariz. !f Pvt. James
T. HAIGH is in ASTU, Co. A, 3709
Adv. Engrs., Love Memorial Library,
Nebraska U., Lincoln, Nebr. 'f Pvt.
Kenneth C. HARTHUN, Oshkosh, is
'in Co. A, 3302d SU (ASTP) Carnegie
Tech., % Henderson Hall, Pittsburgh,
Pa. ft Pvt. Elroy L. HIRSCH, Marine
Corps, is at 217 Lloyd House, W. Quad.
U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. f
Pvt. Richard W. HUNSINGER lists his
new address as: Co. A, 2nd Platoon,
ASTU, NDAC, State College Station,
Fargo, N. D. f. A/C Norman A.
JOHNSON sends his address - ASN
16161500, NAAF, Cadet Det., New-
port, Ark. f Pvt. Robert L. KNETZ-
GER is in the ASTP, Co. C, 3305 SU,
,Grad. Dorm., U. of Penn., Philadelphia
4, Pa. ft Cpl. Don A. LAMBERT has
a new address to report. It is Co. A,
ASTU 3700, Sanford Hall, U. of Minn.,
Minneapolis 14, Minn. f Pvt. Gerald
W. MCELROY is now at D. C. 41A,
Bldg., 656, Camp McCoy, Wis. ft Pfc.
Norris H. OLSON is in the 361st TSS
Brks, 730; Lowry Field ;$2, Denver,
Colo. t AS Robert B. QUALY is re-
ported at t  328th AAF, CTD, Du-
quesne University, Pittsburgh, Pa. f
Madison, is with the 82nd CTD (Air-
crew) Sqd. "C", Flight 1, Iowa Wes-
leyan College, Mt. Pleasant, Ia. ft
A/C Robert A. MITZNER, Watertown,
is serving in the army air force. His
address is: Flight K, C I a s s 44-C,
CAAF, Coffeyville, Kans. ft Pvt. Frank
M. ROGERS is now at ASTU 3890,
616 Avenue A, % Bell Hall, Denton,
Tex. ft Pvt. Win. T. ROHRBERG is
with the 70th AAFTTD, Fit. C, Carle-
ton College, Northfield, Minn. ft Pvt.
Daniel W. SCHEID is serving overseas.
ft Arnold V. SKENANDORE,
MOMM 2/c, USNR recently received
his promotion and is now attending
Minecraft Training Center Section Base,
Little Creek Branch, Norfolk, Va. ft
Another change is recorded for Pvt.
Franklin STNACEL, now B-i, ARTC,
Ft. Knox, Ky. f  Having completed a
course in X-Ray technology Claude R.
WHITNEY, Ph.M. 3/c is now at the
USNH. X-Ray Staff, Philadelphia, Pa.
f Pvt. John VEEK of the U. S. marine
corps, is with Plt. 909, RDMCB, San
Diego, 41, Calif.
   Wartime restrictions, vitally necessary
 to save lives and supplies, prevent our
 publishing complete addresses for our
 alumni overseas. Lack of space prevents
 our listing names and addresses of all
 7,000 Fighting Badgers in each issue.
   We will be happy to forward for you
 any piece of mail to a Fighting Badger,
 wherever possible, or send you any ad-
 dress we have in our files on your request.

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