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McMahon, Edward M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 9, Number 1 and 2 (Oct. 1907)

Progress of the University,   pp. 7-20

Page 11

                 THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE                          
 of the German faculty. The play, a    enjoy intelligently is as much evi-
 four-act comedy, abounding in laugh-  dence of real musicianship    as is
 able situations and  vivacious dia-  ability to play or sing acceptably.
 logue, made a great hit, and Miss     As these audiences grow in size, this
 Sterling is to be congratulated on    influence should and can reach out
 the production of a play successful   and touch the whole university life
 alike in the idiomatic use of lively  and add a cultural value thereto
 colloquial German and in the con-     which every student may avail him-
 struction of a plot, developing nat-  self of, whether or not he has any
 urally through a succession of hu-    technical knowledge of music.
 morous incidents cleverly introduced.   Rossetter Gleason  Cole, who was
                                       elected last June to the position
   The recent change in the headship   professor of music and director of
 of the  department of music has       the School of Music, was born in
 called attention to this important de-  Michigan, educated in  the public
              partment of the Uni-    schools of Ann Arbor, and, in 1888,
 Professor Cole versity and to the per-  graduated- from  the University
 of Music     sonality  of the man    Michigan with the degree of Bachelor
              to  whose hands the     of Philosophy. He elected all the
future development and expansion      courses in music then offered and,
of things musical have been      en-  his graduation, the University Musi-
trusted.  While Professor Cole has    cal Society performed a work written
not announced any guiding    policy,  during his senior year, "The Pass-
one can gain some insight into his    ing of Summer," a lyrical cantata
purposes and educational ideals from  for solos, chorus and orchestra. Sev-
his own education and experience,     eral years later he revised and re-
as well as from one innovationwhich   orchestrated it and it was ublished
is in itself small and unpretentious,  by Novello, Ewer & Co. (London),
but which can readily lead to the     and has since been performed many
most far-reaching results. We refer   times by various choral societies in
to the giving of an Artists' Recital  this country. After teaching English
Series which students of the School   branches and Latin for two years in
of Music are expected to attend by    the Ann Arbor and Aurora (Ill.)
the required payment of a small in-   high  schools, he went to    Berlin,
cidental fee each semester. Payment   where he spent two years in advanced
of this fee entitles each student to  musical study and composition. Here
attend the recitals as well as the pre-                        . .
ceding analytical lectures given by   hetwon, throg    compeitive     e
Professor Cole.   His purpose evi-    nat      a free scholarship im the
dently is not only to provide good    Royal Master-Sehool for Composi
recitals, but to require that students  tion  (a department of the Royal
attend them, on the principle that    Academy of Arts), being the fifth
the student needs guidance in order   American to gain entrance into this
to become an intelligent listener as  school.  He was assigned to Max
much as he needs special training     Bruch and spent the remainder of
in order to become an     acceptable  his study period in Berlin underthis
performer. Ability to listen and to   famous composer.

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