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McMahon, Edward M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 9, Number 1 and 2 (Oct. 1907)

Progress of the University,   pp. 7-20

Page 10

tional history, one England  under  Zdanowics, romance languages; A.
the Tudors and Stuarts, and semi-   Buskick, Hellenistic Greek; Freder-
naries on European history and the  ick  Bruns, German; Richard     F.
Eastern question. The five new Latin  Scholz, history; A. H. Johnstone,
courses include art and archaeology,  public speaking; W. L. Dobney, me-
Roman historians, literary criticism,  chanical drawing; F. W. Warner.
Plautus, and beginning Latin. The   drawing and descriptive geometry;
mathematics department has added    L. S. Berry, dairying; J. A. Davis,
six courses, and one in meteorologi-  pasteurizing; A. F. McLeod, soils.
cal observations will also be given.  Assistants-L. B. Aldrich, F. K.
In philosophy there has been added  Brainard, D. S. Dye, F. W. Forsythe,
a study of the psychology of lan-   0. H. Gaarden, H. J. Plagge, W. F.
guage. Three courses and a new      Steve and W. A. Titsworth, physics;
graduate seminary are now a part    J. B. Andrews and G. W. Stephens,
of the physics work. An interesting  political economy; Elizabeth Kenyon
study of agricultural economics, to-  and Ernest Teuber, political science;
gether with courses in the economic  A. D. Sutherland, philosophy; R. K.
geography of the United States, the  Brewer, W. G. Wilcox and Edward
money market, the economics of mu-  Wolesensky, chemistry; H. E. Schiff-
nicipal industry, and a senior semi-  bauer, anatomy; C. C. LeFebre,
nary form  a part of the work in    pharmacy; E. G. Artzberger, Mary
political economy, and the political  A. Hickman and H. D. M. Jolivette,
science department has courses in   botany; G. B. Colburn, Latin; Mar-
contemporary international politics,  garet Ashum and A. A. Helmholtz,
Roman law, comparative administra-  English; J. H. Diehl, German; Fred
tion, American  constitutional law,  Duncalf, J. F. Kenney and Heinrich
consular service, municipal indus-  Maurer, European history, and A. C.
tries, and a seminary in legislation.  Ford and Jane I. Newell, American
Dramatic reading and debating have  history; H. B. Sanford, electrical
been added to the instruction   in  engineering;  Edward    Steidtman,
public speaking; advanced  Modern   mineralogy and petrology; Matthew
Norse to that in Scandinavian lan-  Michels,  dairy  school;  Elizabeth
guages;   elementary  Russian   to  Atkins and J. B. Merrick, Physical
Slavic philology; and Spanish lit-  training; Julia S. Osborn, library.
erature. There is also a new teach-
er's course in zoology.                 Through inadvertence, no mention
                                       was made in these columns of the
    The complete list of new members  very successful presentation, on May
 of the faculty beside the professors  4 last, of the German play, Intrigue
 and lecturers is as follows: Instruct-  und Liebe, written by Miss Susan
                ors - H.   C.  Heil, Adelaide Sterling of the German de-
  Many New Men physics; M. S. Dud-    partment.  Miss Sterling originally
  in the Faculty  geon and Walter H.  wrote the play while in Germany a
  Shepherd, political science; George  few years ago. She revised it last
  D. Berkhoff and A. L. Underhill,    year and it was presented, under the
  mathematics; C. W. Smith, bacteri-  auspices of the Germanistische Ges-
  ology; 0. L. Keith    and  Casimir  ellschaft, by students and members

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