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Loeb, Max (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 7, Number 3 (Dec. 1905)

At the secretary's desk,   p. 150

Page 150

             At the Secretarys Desk
4','44~ (
4" '4'
. Mierry   Christmas! The   Alumni
Magazinesends Christmas greetings
to all its readers, who now' number
some twenty-one hundred ;souls. The
subscription list has increased with
gratifying rapidity during the past
month., We ho~pe it will continue to
    so. A   large number of alumni
 who are not at.present subscribers will
 receive magazines .(and pink slips)
-this month. We ask them again to
subscribe. We are 'doing our best to
improve the magazine from month to
month. But wemust have your co-
operation. . If you do not wish the
Magazine sent to you hereafter, kind-
ly notify us. and we will strike your
name off the mailing list. If you do
not send notice, we shall take it for
granted that you wishthe magazine
continued and shall a state-
ment at the end of the year.
   Let's all- get together ,for the 3,000
mark.   We still believe it can be
reached; tell your alumni friends to
take the magazine, if they are not al-
ready doing so; with, 3,000 paid sub-
scribers the magazine will be on a
firm financial basis and should hold its
own in point of quality with any col-
lege -publication in the country.
  BE   9URE   TO    'NOTIFY  THE
striving to increase the efficiency of
our system of, checking subscribers;
help us' to do it by giving notice at
once if you do not get your magazine.
  We have had 'some disappointments,
this month.   Articles that we had
counted on did not come in in time;
but such are the tribulations of gefting
out a magazine.
  Again, Merry Christmas to you..'
And a happy New Year. May the
new year be filled with many bless-
ings for the alumni of Wisconsin, may
they wax great and prosperous; may
they never in their greatness or their
prosperity, forget their alma mater or
the ideals she has taught them; and
finally may they subscribe in greater
numbers than ever before, to the Wis-
consin Alumni Magazine.

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