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Loeb, Max (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 7, Number 3 (Dec. 1905)

News of the alumni,   pp. 101-112

Page 102

  Charles N. Gregory, dean of the
college of law of the Utniversity of
Iowa, has been awarded a diplonma
and a medal for his paper on Inter-
national Law by the,-St. Louis exipo-
sition. "-The treatise was delivered
during the progress -of the great in-
t~firatiofial e&h-ibit and elicited much
favora'ble comm~tent from the scholars
andlawyers who were in attendance.
  John K. Paush is the judge of the
fifteenth judicial district of Wiscon-
sin, holding comurtat Ashland.
  John B. Slattery is practicing law
  ,under the firm  name of Slattery &
  Slattery at Shreveport, Iowa.
   James M. Pereles of Milwaukee
 has been, elected president of the Wis-
 consin Free Traveling Library asso-
 ciation to succeed SenatoraJ. H. Stout
 of Menomonie, who retired on No-
 venimberN 27.
   William Street is practicing law in
 Chicago at 38-107 Dearborn street.--
  I renr T. Wilimst is presdgen of the
  Charles E. Pickard is practicing
  law under the' firm name of Bond,
  Adams, Pickard & Jackson at Chi-
  Duane Mowry (law) has an article
  in the 'December number' of the
  Arena on Graft in Milwaukee.
   Fred W. Henderson, a prominent
 attorney of West Allis, Wis., died at
 his home November 28 after a linger-
 ing illness from tuberculosis.
   Henry J. Smith is president of the
 Inter-Ocean Mining Co., of Chicago.
  Rev. Archibald TDhrrie resigned
November 30 as -pastor of the Hast-
ings, Minn.;, Presbyterian   church
and left' for Kendrick, Idaho, for his
new *home with his sister, Mrs
Amanda C.. Mallory'- Rev. Durrie'
was at Hastings since October, 19ol,
and 'was considered~ one of the ablest
men ever occupying the pulpit there.
  On 'October 30 Miss Susan A.
Sterling entertained at a luncheon in
honor of Mrs. Lulu Daniel Thomtp
son of Washitigtgn, D. C., a former
classmate.  Those   ,present ,were
Mraes. R. M. La Vollette, C. R. Van
Hise, J. B. Parkinson, D. E. Carson,
  J.M. Olin, -E. T. ├ŻOwen, .W. W.
Daniells, iP. W. Allis and the aMisses
Mary   Bunn, Allis, i    nt,l Jessie
Meyer   and   Catherine  McDonald.
Mrs Thompson was also ac cept of
Miss Hunt, who ih the hof the-aeos'
department of Domestic Economy at
the university.
  On December 5, RobertM. La Vol-
iette, informed the legislators, cons-
vened   in a special session of his
resignation as governor of Wiscton-
sin and of his intention to accept the
United ' States senatorship. Gover-
nor La Follette was elected to the
senate before the close of the lergisla
ture last May. At that timpe 'he felt
that he could accept' the honior only
under certain conditions, declaring
that he deemed it his first duty to see
that the promises he made to the peo-
ple were carried out. With the adop-
tion of the amendments proposed by
Governor. La Vollette in his message
to the legislature, he 'will. transfer his
activities to a larger field, where with
Senator John C. Spooner, '54, he will
represent the state.
  Miss Marie Morrison Dean is prac-
ticing medicine at Helena, Mont.
  Horace K. Tenney was recently
elected president of the Chicago Bar
association. He is at the head of the

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