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Loeb, Max (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 7, Number 3 (Dec. 1905)

Editorial,   pp. [unnumbered]-100

Page 100

4, ~     100~          THE4 WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGA4ZINTE.
         would be of decided interest as an  tion for fair play and
         annual affair.   Many more would      travels fast and far. V
         participate and enjoy thebenefits of  treat our rivals, fairly
         rowing than do now.                   as we have' done in the
           We believe strongly that the pres-  permanent  that  rept
         ent, policy of sencling a crew east   again, actual. benefit to
         should be discontinued., 'As 'to the  of the university righ.
         adver, tising which coames to the uni-  now is the substance
         versity through this trip   east, it  which the reputation fo
         seems to us that this very doubtful   ship in the East is but
  4 ::advantage would be more than offset,    Let us 'quit sending
        -by  the   increased1 benefits which   and& quit immediately
        would come to the students of the   better fields lie close
    uniuversity if we had, more rowing at      we really mean that m~
         home. W~~e have always disbelieved  college sport fot the
         dnubthis ietho is anvrieet We         sport and the benefitan
              d   ifit is"an, advertisement to sake of winning li ui
         go east and be whipped out of our     the  expensie policy
         -boots year aer year. It is true, few years.       We wish
         44that we can thus acquaint the East  would make known theii
         with the true sportsmen and the       this point, especially t
         sportsmanlike spirit of the University who have expressed ti
         of Wisconsin, but there are other and being tired of the annu:
   4    .equally effective ways. -A reputa-  about the crew.     -
               SGetting Information from Alumni.
- A large numner of aummn       nave
now sent in the information desired
for use in the Alumni Catalogue. A
large number, however, still remain,
..from whom information has not been
  Have you filled out an informa-
tion blank and sent it z.o the secre-
tary? If you have not, kindly do so
at once. If you have mislaid the
blank or have not received one please
notify the secretary, and another one
will be sent you.
  Alumni are urged to make out the
information blanks as completely as
possible, so that the catalogue may
contain  complete   information. In
compiling so large a list of names,
  good - sport
  ~e need only
and squarely"
past to make
tation, :Andi
the students,
t here right
compared t
r sportsman-
a. shadow.
a crew east
hen so much
at hand.   If
re believe in
sake of the
d not for the
of the last
the Alumni
r opinio4s, 4on
:hose alumni
.iernselves as
al wolf story
mistakes are narcd to keep out, and. it
is only with your assistance that a
high degree of accuracy may be ob-
  If something important happeng
after you have sent in your blank,
notify the secretary to that effect and
an effort will be made to have it in-
  The magazine will publish, begin-
ning with the January number a list
of those from whom no information
has been obtained. If the alumni will
aid the secretary in his effort to se-
cure accurate and complete informa-
tion concerning all of Wisconsin's
alumni, it will be greatly appreciated.
* ,4444
   N  ,~

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