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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 75, Number 3 (March 1974)

Alumni news,   pp. 21-24

Page 22

Kibbutz onTV
Within two and a half years of its
establishment, Kibbutz Langdon,
a Jewish living co-op on campus,
has risen from virtual anonymity
to material suitable for a television
documentary by ABC-TV.
   The 24 kibbutz members, or
kibbutzniks as they call themselves,
who reside in the old Delta Zeta
house at 142 Langdon, were
recently filmed for the 30-minute
ABC public affairs program,
"Directions." Over five hours of film
and recordings were collected on
the lives, views and beliefs
of the kibbutzniks-on the
weekend of January 25.
   Documentary director Arthur
Zegart explained that he chose
Kibbutz Langdon as the subject for
a documentary because "the kib-
butz is one of the most active
and successful cooperatives in the
Jewish co-op movement." There are
some 30 Jewish living
co-ops in the United States.
   According to Zegart, Kibbutz
Langdon is "a story about Judaism
and a way in which people of great
diversity and a wide variation
of Jewish upbringings have found
to give to each other and live
with each other."
   The kibbutzniks and director
Zegart shared apprehensions that
the filming of the kibbutz
would create a destructive rift
within the house.
   Kibbutznik Keren Levenstein
from La Crosse, expected tensions
to surface and cause arguments and
uncomfortable situations. Another
house member, Claudia Schultz,
whose home is in Boston, said
she feared that some people would
try to get on film more than others.
   "People knew that if they
acted like hams an impression would
be left not only on film but also
on interpersonal relations even
after the film crew left,"
she said. "But as a result of
these fears, people were more
careful not to be hams."
   During the filming, the atmos-
phere in the Kibbutz was tense at
times. Sam Norich, a veteran
of two and a half years at the
Kibbutz, explained that people were
geared up as a natural reaction
to the entire experience of
being filmed. Norich said, how-
ever, that he feels the filming
brought residents closer
and "enhanced our sensitivity
towards each other."
   Director Zegart observed that
an initial camera shyness eventually
disappeared and people resumed
acting naturally.
  The documentary is scheduled to
be aired at noon on Sunday,
April 21, on ABC. The kibbutz-
niks however, may not have a
chance to see themselves on tele-
vision if the local ABC affiliate,
WKOW, shows "Roller Derby"
as scheduled in the noon time slot.
                 -Jeffrey L. Kohn
Guillermo Soberon Ph.D. '57 is president
of the National University of Mexico,
Mexico City.
Maj. Donald L. Heiliger '58 and
Cheryl Kay Edwards '72 were married
here in December. Madison's only POW
of the Vietnam war, he was shot down
during a bombing run near Hanoi
in 1967, and spent five years and nine
months in four POW camps.
The couple will live in Washington, D.C.,
where she will do graduate work in
speech pathology and he in Latin
American studies.
Donald B. McInerney '59, Deerfield, Ill.,
has been made a second vice president in
the trust department of Chicago's
Continental Bank. He joined the bank
in 1968. Don is also the new
treasurer of the Chicago-Kent College
of Law alumni association of IIT.
David Hoeppner '60 has left his research
post with Lockheed to become a visiting
professor of mechanical/nuclear/bio-
engineering with the University
of Missouri, Columbia.
Harold Kurtz '61 has been appointed
director of public relations for the Medi-
cal College of Wisconsin (formerly
Marquette U. Medical School).
He's been in that capacity with Lutheran
General hospital, Park Ridge, Ill.
Anthony M. Cook '62, Berwyn, Pa.,
has been promoted to president of the
Philadelphia division of American
Hospital Supply Corporation.
John G. Hill '62 moves up to division
geologist with Tenneco Inc.'s Rocky
Mountain division, Denver.
When terrorists destroyed the Pan Ameri-
can 707 in Rome in mid-December,
taking 29 lives, the flight engineer
on the ship was Kenneth M. Pfrang '62.
He led passengers to safety through
the smoke and confusion, going back in
an effort to get all those alive out
before the plane would explode.
Jere D. Fluno '63 is a new vice president
of W. W. Grainger, Inc., Chicago.
He's been the firm's controller since
1969, and will continue in that capacity.
President of the 46-year-old distributor
and manufacturer of electric motors and
equipment is David W. Grainger '50.
Jeanne M. Oates '66, with Blair Radio
in New York since 1969, is now an
account executive. She is also immediate
past president of the New York
Alumni Club.
Edward F. Anhalt '67, who is finishing
his dissertation for an Ed.D. degree
at Rutgers University, has been appointed
an instructor in the education department
of Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa.
Willard E. Rohde '67 has moved up to
an assistant vice presidency with Fourth
Northwestern National Bank, Minneapolis.

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