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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 72, Number 9 (July 1971)

Newly married,   pp. 30-31

Deaths,   p. 31

Page 31

 Katherine Jane BUCHHOLTZ and Dr.
Win. Hodgins Jr., in Madison
Alice Fairleigh Bell and Charles R.
GUSTAFSON, in St. Joseph, Mo.
Sharon Ann Baum and Elroy MORIEN,
in Stevens Point
Jane Anne NOVOTNY and Stephen
Harry Watts, in Lincoln, Neb.
Linda SHAFRIN '69 and Stephen M.
KAILIN, in Milwaukee
  Niki ALPERT and Alan Paul McCurry,
in Washington, D. C.
  Carol Jean Cyganek and David Carl
RUSCH, in Green Bay
  Elizabeth Ann Fax and Larry Edward
THIELE, in Green Bay
  Barbara Elizabeth BEATTY and Joseph
L. Baughman, in Oshkosh
  Alice Ann BERGDOLL and William
John Vance, in Madison
  Gayle Schmidt and Robert BRAUN, in
Lomira, Wis.
  Rosanne BUTLER and John Joseph
MCGOWN '70, in Wauwatosa
  Karen Marion TOGSTAD '70 and Bar-
  ton A. FRANCOUR, in Fox Point, Wis.
  Lynn KRAEMER and Gary A. Meck-
  lenburg, in Madison
  Judy Ann KRAUS and DuWayne James
  HOFFMAN '70, in Kenosha
  Constance Louise Chrimes and Gary L.
  LISOWE, in Janesville
  Margaret Nason NIMZ and Grant Hesse
  FLEMING, in Ripon
  Leslee MEHLIG '71 and Edward Mor-
  ris OLSON, in Madison
  Lois Anne ORTH and John James Pa-
  rez, in Madison
  Joanne Frances Koenig and Garry
  Wright OWENS, in Madison
  Maureen Sheila Lane and Anthony Erich
  SILL, in Madison
  Margaret R. Zurn and Jon R. TRAVER,
  in La Crosse
  Kathryn WEGNER and Earl W. Zabel,
  in Milwaukee
  Susan Pauline YOERG and John Paul
  Conover, in Wauwatosa
  Ann Gaylord CUMMIN and Richard
  Woleben Bardwell III, in Villanova, Pa.
  Christine GROTH and Norman Peter
  Littig, in Elkhart Lake
  Mary Ann HAMEL and Francis A.
  Juckem, in Vesper, Wis.
  Ruthanne Edquist and James Herbert
  HAUBRICH, in Kenosha
  Lynn Marie KLOETY and Richard J.
Gast, in West Allis
  Joann Barbara MEISINGER and Mi-
chael G. Kleinschmidt, in Fond du Lac
  Judith Ann MILLER and Robert W.
Johnstone, in Madison
  Jean Elizabeth Sevenants and William
R. MUELLER, in La Crosse
  Jane Mary ANDERSON '71 and John
Anthony NEUMANN, in Green Bay
  Barbara Jean RUMSEY and Peter W.
Egan, in Madison
  Paula Jean SCHUETTE and Jay Wen-
dell Anderson, in Bettendorf, Ia.
  Barbara Jane WILSON and Paul Wil-
liam EASTON, in Madison
  Kathleen Ann BREHM and Andrew
Michael BRUGGER, in Sheboygan
  Jean Elizabeth DUNWIDDIE and Jer-
emy C. SCHMIDT, in Green Lake
  Carolyn Engel and Mark William KOS-
OWSKY, in Evansville, Ind.
  Linda Marie Anderson and Mark Alan
KRAFT, in Verona
   Mary Hasse and Timothy John KROHN,
in Hillpoint, Wis.
  Karen MEYER and Gregory Brooke, in
  Suzanne Christine MUELLER and John
  E. VERHELST Jr., in Madison
  Catherine Ann McGrogan and Richard
  J. PAUL, in Madison
  Nancy Susan WINNIK and Lincoln
  Lewis BERLAND, in Fox Point, Wis.
  Jan Louise Postel and Hans Frederic
  ZOERB, in Madison
   Daniel Hayes MURPHY '00, Hartford,
   Mrs. Horatio Bates Hawkins (Hildred
 Daisy MOSER) '08, Albany, Calif.
   Mrs. Grove Harkness (Florence Laura
 TRUMPF) '09, Waukesha
   Mrs. John Dwight Brewer (Gertrude
 Louise LUKES) '10, Hot Springs, Mont.
   Leonard Keith ASTELL '11, Madison
   Frances Esther LEHMANN '11, Wau-
   Harry Haseltine SCHOLFIELD '11,
   Joseph Kinnecotte PORTER '12, Evans-
 ville, Wis.
   Ralph Siemens KING '13, Youngstown,
   Arthur Pride PLUMMER '13, Oshkosh
   Gustavus Adolphus SCHMIDT '15, Dal-
   Mrs. Chester Sawyer Wilson (Mary Eliz-
 abeth BEATIY) '17, Stillwater, Minn.
  Harry Hegg SCOTT '19, Manitowoc
  Mrs. Samuel Lovitt Chesley (Margaret
Louise MAC FADDEN) '21, Detroit Lakes,
  Lambert Anthony HANSEN '22, Sparta
  Helen TRETTIEN '23, Toledo
  Edwin Adolphus BEIER '24, Milwaukee
  Mrs. Carl H. Brehm (Alice E. CUM-
MINGS) '25, Elm Grove, Wis.
  Mrs. Robert Eugene Hill (Isadore
Amelia CLISSOLD) '25, River Forest, Ill.
  Edwin Carl W. GRUENNERT '26,
  Orlando Meredith SKINDRUD '27, Sun
  Hugh Fuller MACKIN '28, Milwaukee
  William Wallace LUMPKIN '31, Rock
Hill, So. Car.
  Frank Joseph MC KEE '31, Indian
Rock, Fla.
  Mrs. Lloyd Bertrand Rothe (Winnifred
Emeline FRITZ) '32, Plainfield, N. J.
  Mrs. Albert George Bardes (Louise Ade-
laide ZINN) '34, Milwaukee
  George Wilson THATCHER '39, Ox-
ford, Ohio
  William George HEALY '41, Madison
  Mrs. Carl Pagelow (Hazel Marie STOD-
DART) '41, Fond du Lac
  Louis Joseph GOSTING '48, Madison
  Walter Edward WILSON, Jr. '49, Skokie
  John Leonard GEHRIG '53, La Crosse
  Earl Adelbert KORTH, Jr. '53, Rhine-
   Mrs. Edwin William Murphy (Gwyneth
 King ROE) '53, Washington, D. C.
   Mrs. Herbert Herman Braun (Patricia
 Ann HENDERSON) '58, Menomonie
 Falls, Wis.
   Mrs. Bernard Pesetsky (Beverly Estelle
 BLOOM) '58, Charleston, W. Va.
   Hans Jurgen FACK '61, Madison
   Richard Evan JONES '65, Morrison-
 ville, Wis.
   Charmain Irene HAIGHT '66, Madison
   Joseph Ulrich BRAIG '67, Davenport,
   Harry H. CLARK, 69, Madison, on the
 English faculty since 1928. An authority
 on major American poets, he was general
 editor of the American Writers Series,
 consisting of 23 volumes, beginning in
 1934. Memorials to the Harry Hayden
 Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund, c/o
 Dept. of English.
   Louis J. GOSTING, 49, Madison, pro-
 fessor in the Institute of Enzyme Research.
 After taking his Ph.D. in chemistry here
 in 1948, he returned to that department
 in 1950 as an assistant professor.
July, 1971

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