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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 72, Number 1 (Oct. 1970)

Marriages,   pp. 24-27

Page 25

Kathleen Carol Ann TURNER and
MERALD Woodrow Knight Jr.,
Constance THOMAS '69 and Edward
J. BLOCK, Rockville, Ind.
Mary Anne BRUHN and Dennis E.
Gilbert, Madison
Margo Ellen BURLINGAME and
John Allen WRAY '69, Kamuela, Hawaii
  Mary Ann CLAAR and Clyde M.
ROBINSON, Wilmette
  Carol Lynn COMSTOCK and James
King RUHLY, Madison
  Helen Anne Tuten and David Andrew
  Diane Coleman DAVIDSON and
Michael C. HEYL, Wauwatosa
  Barbara Jean DAWE and Nicholas
Richard LARDY, Madison
  Janice Louise FARNSWORTH and
  Claude R. MOULTON, Madison
  Danna Joanne FAULKES and Bradley
  Dean MUNSON, Madison
  Joan F. GABRILSKA and Joseph
  Francis Schive, Wausau
  Eleanor Love HASTINGS and David
  George KARRO '69, Wytheville, VA
  Ann Catherine SCHWARZBAUER '69
  and Thomas Henry HEIMAN, Menasha
  Cynthia Jane LIND and Lt. Christopher
  0. A. Kroos, Sheboygan
  Karen MANNCHEN and Bruce T.
  Grimm, Sheboygan Falls
  Susan HARNISCHFEGER '70 and
  Cary Robert NUSSLOCK, Hartland
  Patricia Ann OTTO and Douglas Alan
  Kramer, Madison
  Mary Lou OUELLETTE and Thomas
  Joseph Duffy, Milwaukee
  Jane Mary RUSSELL and William
  Lewis Hanson, Milwaukee
  Judith Ann SCHULTZ '69 and James
  Roger ZUHLKE, Cudahy
  Carolyn Anne SPELLMAN and Harold
  RAMBOW, Sioux City, Iowa
  Sandra A. TYYKILA and Paul A.
  DiBacco, Arlington, VA
  Kathleen Jo NUMAN '69 and David
  Keith WICHERN, Green Bay
  I Karen S. ALVSTAD and Terry J.
Sterzik, Greendale, Wis.
Judith Katherine Michelson and Peter
David AMBELANG, Madison
October, 1970
  Helene K. BARRY and Daniel Gryn-
berg, Rego Park, NY
  Diane Marie Gest and Terrence W.
BOLAND, Madison
  Mary Catherine Kelly and Charles L.
  Linda Elizabeth COYLE and August
Greidanus, Madison
  Paula Lynn MAYERSON '70 and David
John DOLLEVOET, Madison
  Sally Ann Johnejack '70 and Lt.
Gregory Wayne DONOVAN, Lake
  Carole Lynne FARNESS and George
Alvin Mundschau, Madison
  Barbara Chapin FOOTE and Richard
Seaman Jr., Hartland
  Cynthia SHOGREN and Gregory L.
  GARNETT, Madison
  Janet Marie DAGGETT '70 and
  William S. GIBBS, Madison
  Deborah Ann HALL and Michael
  James Riccio, Madison
  Sandra Lyn HAMMANN and John
  Joseph Brander, Santa Barbara, Calif.
  Mardyth HOPPERT and William R.
  Pollard, Chicago
  Linda J. KAHL and Bruce Wiesman,
  Green Bay
  Diane Beth KILE and Gary Alan
  Lunde, Madison
  Gretchen LAABS '70 and Edward
  Dennis STYLES, Wauwatosa
  Jaclyn Jill LEFCO and Robert William
  MALY, Madison
  Joanne B. MAIS and Herbert M.
  ZIMMERMAN Jr., '70, Wausau
  Linda Dahl MARTINEAU and Dwight
  Holmes Ellis III, Hartland, Wis.
  Anna Mary MATTARELLA and Bruce
  Joseph Breider, Elm Grove, Wis.
  Sharon A. KREBLEIN '70 and Arnold
  W. MESSER, Lincoln, Neb.
  Lynne Mary MILCHER and Max
  Dale HENSLEY, Milwaukee
  Nancy Lorraine MUENKEL and James
  K. CROSSFIELD '70, Madison
  Connie Ehly and Paul Michael
  NEMOVITZ, Madison
  Cheri Victoria Darling and Timothy T.
  READ, Milwaukee
    Elyse Helen Watt and Alan Edward
  SIMON, Milwaukee
    Debra Ann SINAIKO and Gerald R.
  Perras, Madison
    Cathy Ann HUETTNER '70 and
  Thomas E. WARMINGTON, Milwaukee
    Susan Judith WEINER and Narendar G.
  BERRY, New York City
  Barbara Lynn WIERDSMA and Gerald
Allen Christenson, Oconomowoc
  Evelyn M. ZIELINSKI and Alan
Schroeder, Whitewater
  Barbara Ann Helgeson and Richard
Alan ZILLMAN, Baldwin, Wis.
  Kathy Behling and Michael BAUMAN,
  Jane Ann Salinger and Douglas Paul
BOERNER, Wauwatosa
  Barbara Jean BROST and William
LeRoy Sippel, Madison
  Susan Mary Barnes and Clifford Bruce
  BUELOW, Milwaukee
  Judith Ann PERONTO and Edward Jay
  BUENZLI, West Allis
  Linda Elizabeth CARLBERG and
  Edward V. JESSE, Stoughton
  Mary Jane SABOURIN and Thomas
  Anthony CASPER, Franklin, Wis.
  Jane Alice CHRISTOPH and Stanley R.
  Caldwell Jr., Wauwatosa
  Janice Stone and David R. CLARKE,
  Phyllis Joyce COHEN and Richard S.
  RABIN, Milwaukee
  Kathleen Susan DALEY and Donald W.
  Colwell, Green Bay
  Sue Ann COOK and David Chandler
  Robbins, Madison
  Patricia ECKHARDT and Cornelis
  Grintjes Jr., Madison
  Patricia Joan GREISSINGER and
  Anthony Donovan Tormey, Madison
  Marilyn Lee Gullickson and Glenn
  Harvey Cook, Milwaukee
  Jean GUNDLACH and James H.
  Wakefield, Madison
  Carol Marie Cox and Lance G. HAAS,
  Barbara Jean HAMMOND and Dean
  Soren JOHNSON, Milwaukee
  Wendelyn Kay LINDBECK and Paul S.
  HUGSTAD, Madison
  Carolyn B. KILE and Thomas J.
  Bunker, Madison
  Nancy Marion Nauertz and Bernard A.
  KLEIBER, Milwaukee
  Nancy Ann KRASKA and Kory
  Edward PINNOW, Manitowoc
    Elizabeth Ann KRIEGER and Thomas
  Floyd Patton, Wynnewood, Pa.
    Gayle Thompson and Douglas Wood
  LYONS Jr., Madison

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