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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 70, Number 7 (May 1969)

Mucks, Arlie M., Jr.
On Wisconsin,   p. 2

Page 2

  'M  writing this on Monday, May 19-the day
  after another fine and exciting Alumni Weekend.
The crowds were wonderful again this year. There
must have been 2,000 alumni and their spouses who
came back for the fun of meeting their classmates
at all the special luncheons or dinners, of taking
what is now a long bus ride to see how the campus
is growing and building, and, finally, of topping off
the weekend with the terrific Alumni Dinner in
Great Hall.
  Of course, President Harrington was very much
in evidence to meet with the various classes, and he
did an excellent job of bringing out some of the im-
portant points we should all remember about our
University, especially when the news is sensational
and negative. I was personally delighted to hear
President Harrington repeat these points, those
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committee just recently:
  "Unlike many other universities across the na-
tion," the President emphasizes, "Wisconsin has not
been afraid to deal with disruptive persons.
  "We have been willing to use force; some other
schools have not.
  "We have called in the police and the National
Guard; other schools have not.We have not granted
amnesty to disruptors; some other schools have
done so.
  "We do not yield to 'non-negotiable' demands:
                                                   other schools have. We
have not yielded to pressure;
                                                   other schools have.
                                                     "The University
of Wisconsin has not closed down
                                                   for a single hour; others
have closed for days, weeks
                                                   and even months."
                                                     He pointed out the strong
faculty support of the
                                                  Administration's policy.
He stressed that there are
  O    N     W     ISCO         N   SIN           nearly 500,000 classes
convened on this campus in
                                                   any school year; and that
probably less than 50-
                                                   1/10,000 of them-have
ever been disrupted with
Arlie M. Mucks, Jr. /Executive Director        any success.
                                                     Wherever the President
made these remarks
                                                   throughout the weekend,
I couldn't help but notice
                                                   the many, many frowns
that turned to smiles as con-
                                                   cerned alumni remembered
this important side of
                                                   any unpleasant news about
their University which
                                                   they see in the papers
or on TV. It's a side that, in
                                                   all fairness, must be
kept in mind during troubled
                                                   times. It's the side that
accentuates the positive,
                                                   simply because that positive
side is vastly stronger
                                                   than anything else you
may hear.            M
Wisconsin A lumnus

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