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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 70, Number 4 (Feb. 1969)

Administration,   pp. 14-16

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Academic Administration
   The academic administrative structure varies in
 different units of the University, However there is a
 certain overall similarity, and the following discus-
 sion attempts to isolate those points which are fairly
 uniform between academic units, that is, depart-
 ments, divisions, and schools and colleges.
Schools and Colleges
   The formal structure above departments within
 the major campuses are the schools and colleges.
 The executive heads of schools and colleges are di-
 rectors and deans. These men initiate and coordinate
 academic policies and programs of the schools and
 colleges under their jurisdiction. They are directly
 responsible to their chancellor. They play a central
 role in faculty appointments and promotions and in
 course and curricular innovations and changes.,
   The faculty is, of course, divided into depart-
 ments. All members of the department having pro-
 fessorial rank may by ballot express their preference
 for the departmental chairman. The dean consults
 with the president or chancellor after receiving the
 ballot, and then appoints a departmental chairman.
 The term of appointment is one year, but there is
 no limit upon the number of consecutive appoint-
   The chairman of the department is the channel
 of communications for all matters affecting deans,
 directors, and other departments, and in general,
 acts as the executive of the department.
   Most university departments are grouped into di-
 visions. Thus among the various university commit-
 tees will be found the divisional committees (bio-
 logical science, humanities, social studies, and physi-
 cal sciences), whose members are elected by the
 divisional faculty. They have a powerful role in
 appraising existing courses, establishing new courses,
 and advising on selection of tenure personnel or on
 promotion to tenure status. Their range cuts across
 campus, school, and departmental lines. S
Wisconsin Alumnus

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