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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 70, Number 4 (Feb. 1969)

The Board of Regents,   pp. 10-13

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   A LABOR LEADER, a housewife, a physician, and a master farmer among
   others are members of the current Board of Regents,'which has representatives
   from a broad cross-section of Wisconsin. Composing the board are:
     Jacob Friedrick, an active unionist throughout his adult life,, instrumental
   establishing the UW  School for Workers in 1925. He helped draft the first
   on unemployment compensation in Wisconsin. Appointed to the board in 1960,
 U he served as president from 1962 to 1964.
 President Charles Gelatt, appointed to the board in 1947 when he was 29.
   was the youngest regent ever named president when he was elected in 1955,
 two consecutive terms, and was elected again this year. A Phi Beta Kappa,
he was
   awarded both the bachelor and master's degree in 1939 at Wisconsin after
 % three and one-half years of study. He developed the microcard system used
   libraries across the country, Mr. Gelatt heads the Northern Engraving
and Manu-
   facturing company, La Crosse.
 [   William C. Kahl, state superintendent of public instruction, joined
the board in
 b 1966. A native of Mt. Horeb, he received his degrees from the University
 P served in various educational capacities in Wisconsin for 35 years. He
is a member
   of the state's Coordinating Council for Higher Education (CCHE).
     James Nellen, M.D., is an orthopedic surgeon and team physician for
the Green
   Bay Packers. Born in Madison he received his medical degree from the University
   In 1939. Dr. Nellen was appointed to the board in 1965. He is a past president
 I of the Brown County Medical society.
     Maurice Pasch earned his UW law degree in 1939 while working as a secretary
   to U.S. Sen. Robert M. LaFollette. Engaged in private law practice in
   he became a member of the board in 1961. Mr. Pasch has served on the CCHE
   and as chairman of the Regent Education committee.
q    Walter Renk, of Sun Prairie, joined the regents in 1967. He is president
of William
q  F. Renk and Sons Co., Inc, which produces seed corn and grain, milk, and
q mercial beef cattle. Elected Master Farmer of Wisconsin in 1942, he is
a graduate
   of the UW College of Agriculture and was awarded a Certificate of Honorary
   ognition by the University in 1959 for his contributions to rural life.
     Mrs. Caroline T. Sandin is the 14th woman regent. A housewife and mother
   seven children, she joined the board in 1968. Mrs. Sandin is a resident
of Ashland
   and president of the local Board of Education. She is a graduate of County
   college, St. Peter, Minnesota. She has served as a member of the Personnel
   committee of the Wisconsin School Boards and was responsible for organizing
   League of Women Voters of Ashland.
     Gordon Walker, who became a regent in 1968, is president and director
of Walker
   Forge Inc., of Racine. He is also a director of the Jacobsen Manufacturing
   the Wisconsin Metal Products Co., and first Wisconsin Bankshares Corp.
and the
   American Bank and Trust Co. He received his UW degree in 1926 and has
   maintained close contact with his alma mater. A director and past president
of the
   Wisconsin Alumni Association, he is also a member of the executive committee
   of the University of Wisconsin Foundation, and was state chairman for
the Elvehjem
   Art Center fund campaign.
     A. Matt Werner has served as a regent for more than 25 years, the longest
   for any member in history. He was editor and publisher of the Sheboygan
   until his retirement in 1964 and is now chairman of the board of directors
of the
   Press Publishing Co. This regent was president of the board for three
years and
   vice president for 10 years. Mr. Werner received his law degree at Marquette
   versity and was for many years a partner in the law firm of Werner and
     Bernard Ziegler, of West Bend, was appointed a regent in 1966. He is
   and director of the West Bend Co., a director of the West Bend Mutual
   Co., the First National Bank, and the Security Co. of West Bend. He is
a graduate
   of Northwestern university.
Wisconsin Alumnus

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