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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 70, Number 3 (Dec. 1968)

Moyer, Harriett
'Blend-in 60 gals. fresh milk',   pp. 12-16

Page 14

rooms were decorated in an island
motif. One of the other halls had a
meal featuring such "Psychedeli-
cacies" as "Flower Power salad,
Swami Swirl steak, and Put-on
noodles." ("We even had a band so
loud it gave everyone a headache
but the students," smiles Miss Mc-
Cutchin.) Fighting the boredom
battle also is a row of cookbooks in
Miss McCutchin's office. "We keep
trying new things and surveying the
students for their likes and dislikes.
We try to please them whenever
possible, within our budget and the
rules of a balanced diet," she says.
For example, peanut butter is now
served at all meals-the crunchy
kind because that is what the stu-
dents wanted.
  The all-time favorite is-what
else?-hamburgers! Italian spa-
ghetti runs a close second. On the
list of "hates" are casseroles and
such vegetables as brussels sprouts
and spinach. "Complainers about
foods being too 'starchy' are ex-
tremely selective," laughs Miss Mc-
Cutchin. "There is seldom if ever a
complaint about spaghetti, but just
let us serve chicken with noodles!"
  Because Food Service tries to
please the students, more prepared
cake and pudding mixes are being
used, like those their mothers buy.
"We formerly prepared what we
thought was an excellent butter-
scotch pudding from scratch. Then
we ran tests. The students were
asked which pudding they liked best
-ours or one from a mix. They
picked the mix pudding overwhelm-
ingly. So that's what we are using
today. The same thing happened
with cakes. It's demoralizing to us,
but that's what they are used to
and that is what they want.
   "We have been serving plainer
foods in recent years," she adds.
"Our residents are primarily fresh-
men and sophomores-after that
they usually move to their own
apartments-and there are so many
Miss McCutchin (foreground) with assist-
ant, Marian Ashman, relies on computers
for accurate measure to adapt recipes to
volume changes.
Wisconsin Alumnus

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