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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 70, Number 3 (Dec. 1968)

Collins, Joan
If you see a crowd, they're skiers,   pp. 8-10

Page 8

If you see a crowd, they're skiers
50 years ago a few Scandinavians put a wooden scaffold on Muir Knoll, predict-
ing big things for a "new and wonderful sport." Maybe they meant
there'd be
     1,600 members in Hoofers Ski Club by 19
chussing into the campus spotlight at full speed, the
   University Hoofers Ski Club is in the midst of ar-
ranging the largest package of ski tours in the 50-year
history of organized skiing on campus.
  The Hoofers pack in as many ski trips as there are
holidays and weekends during the winter season. In
December they ski nearby midwest slopes. At Christmas,
Aspen. During the semester break in January, 800 stu-
dent skiers, fresh out of finals, jam into 24 buses and
head for slopes in Wisconsin's northwoods. Over Easter,
the club will take trips to the big Western runs-Vail,
Alta, Jackson Hole and Squaw Valley, interspersed
with apres-ski parties in Las Vegas.
  The big one will be the 9-day trip to Switzerland-
a first for Hoofers--over semester break. About 100
69.                   By JOAN COLLINS
will ski Zermatt and another 100 will go to Grindel-
wald. It all costs less than $300.00, and the trip has
been booked solid since early October, with a lengthy
waiting list.
  Skiing is big on the University campus! Students by
the hundreds are sporting powder-blue buttons that
command: "Pray for Snow, Ski Hoofers". Among their
Vail, Aspen, and Jackson Hole ski badges, dozens of
students wear "Ski Big Bascom" emblems on their
jackets. Terry Linnihan, Hoofer advisor, says the club
is shooting for "upwards of 1,600 members this sea-
son." Even last year, an almost snowless winter in Wis-
consin, more than 1,100 students joined the Hoofers
Ski Club.
  Organized ski interest on campus started to snowball
                              Wisconsin Alumnus

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