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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 70, Number 3 (Dec. 1968)

Letters,   p. 3

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   Any university is almost by definition
 going periodically to find itself in conflict
 with the larger community. This is be-
 cause a university is closely associated
 with the new and with those forces fos-
 tering change in society. Further, change
 is never painless. A university is asso-
ciated -with the-newJn two-ways. First,
its professors are devoted to research and
its dissemination; second, its students
form a special community--one which is
freeing itself from a state of dependence
and which has not yet acquired depend-
ents. It is, therefore, a community just
acquiring power and yet uniquely able
to act upon principle. Since tension be-
tween the university and the rest of so-
ciety is almost inevitable, any person or
group who can mediate between the two
fulfills a very important function. Alumni
are, I think, well qualified for such a
role; indeed, I can think of no more
important task for an alumni organiza-
  I am not satisfied, however, that the
Wisconsin Alumni Association is serving
the University in this way. Frankly, I am
worried that state officials may be pro-
voked into punishing the University be-
cause of recent student unrest. Thus, I
have been horrified to note that the
Alumni Association's Executive Director
has been writing editorials and receiving
continuing publicity which by its impli-
cations and simplifications inflames in-
stead of explains an already difficult
  I submit that the real danger which
threatens our University is not unruly
juveniles but mature politicians who may
         (continued on p. 26)
Volume 70
Dec.-Jan., 1969
Number 3
4 "Artsin Society"-
8 50 Years on Skis
11 Student Financial Aids
12 Cooking for Dorm Students
17 University News
21 Sports
22 Books
Cover photo: Jeff Wick
                     OFFICERS 1968-69
CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: Donald C. Slichter '22, 611 East
Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
PRESIDENT: Raymond E. Rowland '25, 7701 Forsyth Boulevard,
Suite 1250, St. Louis, Mi-souri
FIRST VICE PRESIDENT: Truman Torgerson '39, Lake to Lake
Dairy, 2000 S. 10th Street, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
SECOND VICE PRESIDENT: Robert Draper '37, Sunbeam Corpora-
tion. 5400 W RonnnvPIt Rd Chicapon 0;001
SECRETARY: Mrs. Betty Geisler '37, 2929 Colgate Road, Madison,
TREASURER: Harold Scales '49, Anchor Savings and Loan, 25
West Main, Madison, Wisconsin
Arlie M. Mucks, Jr. '43
Edward H. Gibson '23
Wayne L. Kuckkahn '61
Thomas H. Murphy '49
Mrs. Harriett Moyer
Gary D. Meyer '63
Mrs. Gayle Langer '59
Mrs. Helen Slauson
Mrs. Elma Haas
Mrs. Jennette Poulik
Owen L. Bartram
                Executive Director
      Director of Alumni Relations
         Club Promotion Director
                  Assistant Editor
      Alumni Records Coordinator
            Asst. to the Directot
                Club Coordinator
Alumnae and Reunion Coordinator
         Membership Coordinator
             Services Coordinator
THE WISCONSIN ALUMNUS is published ten times a year: Monthly in Octo-
ber, November, December, January, February, March, April, May; and bi-
monthly in June-July and August-September. Second-class postage paid at
Monroe, Wis., under the act ot March 3, 1879. Subscription price (included
in membership dues of the Wisconsin Alumni Association) is $10.00 a year.
Editorial and business offices at 650 N. Lake St., Madison, Wis. 53706.
December-January, 1969
Don't move without tell-
ing us your new address
650 N. Lake Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53706
-     -         Class yr.
Old address------------
State --------------ZIP .......

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