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Hove, Arthur O. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 69, Number 4 (Jan. 1968)

Necrology,   pp. 30-31

Page 30

  Mrs. Richard Lloyd Jones, Sr. '96
(Georgia H. HAYDEN), Tulsa, Okla.
  Ruth Bogardus SAFFORD '03, Ames,
  Carl William ZIEPPRECHT '03, Du-
buque, Iowa
  Evartes Haskins BLAKESLEE '07,
Great Falls, Mont.
  Mrs. W. Hansford Pope, '07 (Grace
Allen GILMORE), Sacramento, Calif.
  Alzo Pierre ROSSELOT '08, Wester-
ville, Ohio
  Mrs. Morris F. Fox '10 (Lucy RIPLEY),
Milwaukee, Wis.
  Edda Valborg OFSTIE '14, Everett,
  Paul James PIERCE '14, Madison
  Douglas Ross SOUTAR '14, Oklahoma
City, Okla.
  Mrs. Floyd E. Jenkins '15 (Alma Made-
line GEHRZ), Milwaukee
  Herbert Henley HAYMAKER '16,
Manhattan, Kans.
  Albert Friend MEYER '16, Chicago,
  Grover Cleveland ALMON '17, Weyau-
wega in Sarasota, Fla.
  Erwin Otto HUEBNER '17, Madison
  Deane Griswold DAVIS '18, Sioux
Falls, S. Dak. in Seal Beach, Calif.
  Elmer Vern GABLER '18, Muscoda in
Richland Center
  Mrs. Alfred Paul Haake '18 (Helen
Avalee RICE), Largo, Fla.
  Robert Dustin MANSFIELD '18, Hack-
ettstown, N. J.
  Arthur S. J. PETERSON '18, Chicago,
  Mrs. Willard Moorehouse Sporleder '19
(Lydia ANDRAE), Hamburg, N. Y.
  Albert Roland ZIESKE '20 Antioch,
  Mrs. Arvid F. Hoorn '21 (Alice Hazel
MERENESS), Pine City, Minn.
  Clarence Hannibal KNUDSON '21,
  Alfred Edward BERGMAN '22, Minne-
apolis, Minn.
  Leslie W. BLIZARD '22, Madison in
  Leonard Glover COOPER '22, Madi-
  Armand Frederic KETTERER '22,
  Leslie Howard ROCKWELL '22, Man-
chester, N. H.
  Newton Gaudenz WITWEN '22, Sauk
  Chester Crandall ELLICOTT '23, Salt
Lake City, Utah
  Eleanor Roberts SANFORD      '23,
La Crosse
  Edward Francis DUFFY   '24, Water-
  Henry Jacob HELD '24, Oconomowoc
  Gordon Edward SMITH' 25, Croton-on-
Hudson, N. Y.
  Arnold Anton VIETH '25, Custer, S. D.
in Mesa, Ariz.
  Alden Wesley WHITE '26, Madison
  Mrs. Leonard Schmitt '27 (Grace Pa-
tricia ZEMLIKA), Merrill
  Mrs. Edward -Charles Esser '28 (Alice
M. KELLEY), Madison
  Charles Scheier APTER '30, Milwaukee
  Mrs. Silas McAfee Evans '30 (Lorraine
C. McMANAMY), Mequon
  Lulu Anne MARCH '30, Darlington
  Mrs. Arthur Clifford Anderson '32
(Florence Nora FIEDLER), Madison
  Charles Henry NAPPER '33, San An-
selmo, Calif, in Gallup, N. Mex.
  James Ernest JACKSON '34, San An-
tonio, Texas
  James Robert MALONEY '36, Rock-
ford, Ill.
  Robert Daniel KRALOVEC '39, Wil-
mington, Dela.
  W. Howard BERKEL '42, Munising,
  Harry Gillmore KNUDTSON '43, New
  Theodore Lawrence MESANG '46, Cor-
vallis, Ore.
  Mary Belle TILLOTSON '46, Topeka,
  Donald Vernon SLETTE '47, Eau Claire
in Newhall, Calif.
  Daniel Marvin BERMAN   '48, Land-
over, Md. in NewV Delhi, India
  Edward Lind OLSON '48, Springfield,
  Mrs. Knox P. Burno '49 (Gretta Pam
  Richard Peter DEBRUIN '49, Wheaton,
  Orlando Francis GUACCIO '51, Chat-
tanooga, Tenn.
  James Riddle HUNDLEY, Jr. '62, Wil-
liamston, Mich.
  Gerald Charles NORTH, Jr. '66, Kenil-
worth, Ill.
  Paul Winton WAHLER, Jr. '66, Racine
in Vietnam
John Savage, Designer
of Hoover Dam, Dies
OHN L. Savage '03, an interna-
   tionally-known engineer who de-
signed Hoover and Grand Coulee
dams, died Dec. 28, 1967 at a
nursing home in Englewood, Colo.,
following a long illness.
  Savage, a native of Wisconsin,
was 88 years old last Christmas day.
  As chief design engineer for the
Bureau of Reclamation for 21 years,
Savage directed some of the federal
agency's most impressive engineering
accomplishments, including the de-
sign of more than 40 major dams and
other structures. He retired in 1945.
  Following World War II, Savage
made round the world trips a dozen
times as a consultant for postwar
reconstruction. He was a private con-
sultant to at least 19 nations for
water resources projects, including a
dam in Switzerland, a series of dams
and power facilities in India, and
Wisconsin Alumnus

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