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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 66, Number 10 (Aug. 1965)

Newly married,   pp. 31-33

Page 33

  Patricia JoAn Sullivan and Robert James
O'BRIEN, Tomah.
  Karen E. ANDERSON '63 and Theo-
dore A. PAMPERIN, Manitowoc.
  Patricia Elma PARSONS and Stafford
Kay, Madison.
  Joan Carol Berkowitz and Michael Ed-
ward PETER, Milwaukee.
  Marcia Ann Randall and James Lloyd
PETERSON, Milwaukee.
  Catherine Ann Kitto and Richard N.
RAMSEY, Beloit.
  Nancy Claire REDMOND and Bernard
William Borremans, Jr., Green Bay.
  Nancy M. Johnson and Eugene N.
  Kathryn Louise REMMELE '64 and
Gene David SITZGERALD, Beloit.
  Pamela Ann KNOX '64 and James Ed-
ward RICCIARDI, Whitewater.
  Judy JUDD '64 and Robert SCHEU-
ERELL, Shawano.
  Mary Elizabeth Wiener and Leo Wil-
fred SCHLIMGEN, Oshkosh.
  Betty SOMMERFIELD '65 and Phillip
J. SCHMIDT, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
  Janet Rae  Hooker and   Larry  Joe
  Eunice Marie SCHUETT and     Keith
Edward Roe, Lebanon.
  Joan  Reich SCHURCH    and  Dennis
Walter Thomson, Madison.
  Diane SALERNO       '65 and  Mark
SCHUYLER, Madison.
  Virginia Kay Blake and David James
SCHWEITZER, Menomonee Falls.
  Marian Elizabeth BENNETT '64 and
Lee Peter SORENSEN, Madison.
  Sara Catharine TERWILLIGER    and
Mancer Joseph Cyr, Wausau.
  Karen Durand and Gary Fred URBEN,
  Patricia Probst and James D. WNUK,
Stevens Point.
  Kay Elnora Best and John   Charles
ALTMANN, Two Rivers.
  Marian Hedwig AMLIE and Timothy
Donald Nelson, Madison.
  Sheryl Amy Castagna and Lance Wil-
liam ANASTASIO, Janesville.
  Mary Elizabeth ANDERSON and James
  H. Shipley, Middleton.
  Karen Barbour Frank and Steven Mat-
thew BARNEY, Webster Groves, Mo.
  Donna Lou Anderson and Peter Arthur
BEHR, Madison.
  Ruth Elaine Straka and Harvey BEH-
  REND, Prairie du Chien.
  Susan Jean BONFIELD and Arthur
  Dean Volkmann, Madison
  Nancy   HEIZER   '65 and  Brian J.
BRADLEY, Madison.
  Patricia Ann STAFFELD     '65 and
  Charles Frederic CHESNEY, S. Milwau-
  Mary Jo STAMM '64 and Robert Curtis
  CHICKERING, Madison.
  Donna   Grace  Peebles and  Donald
  Rasmus CHRISTENSON, Oconomowoc.
  August-September 1965
  Judith Alice RUEHL '65 and Terry
Albert COLE, Middleton.
  Mary Kathleen CONWAY and Ronald
Joseph Brayer, Baraboo.
  Roberta Jean ROWALD '64 and David
Janda CRAIG, Evansville.
  Karen   DAGGETT     and  John  A.
Wertymer, Madison,
  Sarah Becker and Alcide H. DELISLE,
  Karyl Ann Kleinschmidt and Joseph
Michael DERRA, Madison.
  Patricia Margaret Grove and William
Edward ECKERT, La Crosse.
  Valerie Ann DYER '65 and John Alden
ESLER, Madison.
  Patricia Ann FACTOR   and Michael
Cohen, Chicago.
  Carol Jean Wilkins and Robert Joseph
GREENE, Jr., Delavan.
  Jean Ann HARTMAN '65 and Robert
Nehls FESS, Madison.
  Helen Jean FINK and Terence Herbert
Ladwig, Green Bay.
  Patricia Cleveland BOES and Franklin
D. Karns, Jr., Lorton, Va.
  Nancy Mirek and Darrold FOLZ,
  Mary Katherine Danz and Peter Joseph
GEIGEL, Green Bay.
  Joan Patrice KOEHLER '63 and George
Isaac GLAUBERMAN, Madison.
  Peggy PORTER '64 and Milton D.
GLICK, Madison.
  Wilma Ann Brereton and Michael P.
GROSS, Lodi.
  Virginia GULLICK and J. Charles Phil-
lips, Reedsburg.
  Kathye Jean DANAHER '65 and Robert
Langley HANSON, Wauwatosa.
  Judith Kay Armbrecht and   Charles
Davis HAWKER, Madison.
  Karen HERMAN and Harry V. Carlson,
  Agnes Lucille BREHM '65 and Gary
Dean HINZ, Madison.
  Marilyn  Dianne Gower and    David
Duane HOFFMAN, Black River Falls.
  Nancy Ruth CASS '65 and Robert
Nelson HORSWILL, Gary, Ind.
  Susan M. FISHER '64 and Thomas E.
HOVDE, Crystal Lake, Ill.
  Margaret Louise Mannes and Ellery
Roger JENSEN, Jr., Colfax.
  Bonnie Jane ROBERTSON     '64 and
Richard Wallace JONES, Madison.
  Claudia Tsai-Hsin KAO and Wei-Kao
Lu, Minneapolis, Minn.
  Bonnie Jean KLEIN '63 and Peter Dag-
gett KARSTEN, Whitefish Bay.
  Delores Ann BREU '64 and Dale F.
KORFF, Sheboygan.
  Pamela Christine Wolcott and Ralph
Bruce KRAINIK, Hartland.
  Caryl Sharon Cook and Charles Wil-
liamn LANG, Lancaster.
  Kara Nan SKRIPKA '65 and Rodger
Alan LANG, Madison.
  Judith Anne Little and Lawrence A.
  LINK, Minneapolis, Minn.
  Diane Stenz and William LONSDALE,
  New Holstein.
  Margaret McDERMOTT and Terry D.
Galle, Mineral Point.
  Jane Ann   Baker and   Leroy John
MERCIER, Jr., Cedarburg.
  Kathleen Dewing and Glenn MILLER,
  Klawa NEPSCHA and John Edward
Thresher, Madison.
  Christine ARNOLD '65 and Robert A.
  Kristen Elaine NORDHOLM and John
William Roethe, Stoughton.
  Mary Ann O'CONNELL '64 and David
W. OBERLIN, Menasha.
  Catherine Arlene CLINE '65 and Peter
Albert OKRAY, Madison.
  Maria Teresa OSTERFUND and
Michael John Googins, Prairie du Sac.
  Kristin Kay PETERSEN   and Robert
Seidner, Portage.
  Susan Joan POMPLUN and David Kent
Cawley, Portage.
  Jennifer Ann RICE '65 and Edward I.
PORWIT, Adams.
  Barbel Dreblow   and Elmer RAM-
THUN, Jr., Kewaskum.
  Nancy Ellen REAMER and David John
Luttropp, Oshkosh.
  Flora Adams DICKIE '65 and Paul
Joseph Frederick REGNIER, Madison.
  Carol Jean Jaeger and Robert Charles
REIMER, Milwaukee.
  Jane Carol RITZENTHALER and Ken-
neth Winter Bateman, Hales Corners.
  Judith Ann ROGNESS and Dennis C.
Kickland, Neenah,
  Judith Ann ROSENBAUM and Henry
James Eckstein, Milwaukee.
  Laurie Ann ROSS and David 0. Fjeld-
stad, Palm Beach, Florida.
  Dorothy Mae Uhle and George Fred-
erick ROTH, Whitefish Bay.
  Joan Margaret Shealer and James Stan-
ford SCHILLING, Fond du Lac.
  Susan  Jane Miller and  John  Paul
  JoAnne SEDGWICK        and  Patrick
Timothy Ward, Madison.
  Joan DAVIES '65 and Rick SHEVIA-
KOV, Madison.
  Pamela  GRASSMAN     '65 and  Dag
SOHLBERG, Madison.
  Meredith Ann Bliss and Michael Wal-
ter SPANGLER, Madison.
  Susan Elizabeth HUSTING   '65 and
Steven Carlton STODDARD, Madison.
  Roseann  Baldoun and  Jay Anthony
STRIGEL, Racine.
  Linda M. Cossmann and Andrew
SUNDENA, Jr., Madison.
  Sally T. SYSE and Dean E. Zentner,
  Ruthanne Dorothy Strohn and Bradley
Edwin TAFT, Manitowoc.
  Nancy Lee DALLICH '65 and Charles
Burdette TORINUS, De Pere.
  Georgia BEHRENS    '64  and  Glenn
UNGER, Sterling, Ill.
  Charlene Ingrid   Burke and  Larry
Eugene VANGEN, Westby.
  Kathleen Jean WEISZ and Lee Victor
Assmann, Waukesha.

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