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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 66, Number 1 (Oct. 1964)

Alumni news,   pp. 27-31

Page 27

Traveling Badgers
ADGER ALUMNI were busy
    traveling again this past summer
as the Association sponsored tours to
Europe and Scandinavia and the
World's Fair in New York.
   Nearly 100 alumni journeyed to
New York City the first week in
July for the glittering spectacle of
the World's Fair in a trip arranged
by Travelpower, Inc. of Milwaukee.
The week-long festivities began with
a special dinner at the Sherry-
Netherland Hotel. On Monday, July
6, which was officially proclaimed
"Wisconsin Alumni Day" at the Fair,
Badgers gathered at the Wisconsin
Pavilion for a special luncheon. The
Banjo Band provided background
music for the event and Ed Heber-
lein, president of the New York
Alumni Club, led the singing of "On
Wisconsin" as UW Vice President
Robert Clodius provided a similar
service for the singing of "Varsity."
  Associates and friends of Milwaukee
attorney Walter Bender '01 honored his
recent retirement from the law firm of
Bender, Trump, Davidson, and Godfrey
with a dinner at the Wisconsin Club, Mil-
waukee. Mr. Bender is also president of
the Milwaukee county park commission.
  Hilda Grinde Thompson '05 has moved
from her home in Hudson, Wis., to Fair-
haven, a newly established senior citizen
residence in Whitewater, Wis. Her son,
George Thompson, Jr. '41 is Attorney Gen-
eral of Wisconsin.
  Harold Sands Falk '06, president of the
Falk Corporation, Milwaukee, from 1940
until his death at the age of 74 in 1957,
is among the six 1964 nominees to the
Wisconsin Industrial Hall of Fame.
  Mr. and Mrs. Lester Cushing Rogers
'15 (Genevieve Penhallegon Fox '17) re-
cently toured Europe and attended a con-
ference of the International Labor Organi-
zation in Geneva, Switzerland. At the
meeting, Mr. Rogers was elected chairman
of the 50-member employers' group. En-
route to Geneva, Mr. and Mrs. Rogers
attended the international meeting of the
Human Betterment Association for Volun-
October, 1964
  During their stay, alumni were
given courtesy passes to the Ford,
General Motors, General Electric,
and Johnson's Wax pavilions at the
Fair and also took in the Broadway
musical Oliver.
  The alumni who traveled to
Europe and Scandinavia under the
guidance of the American Automo-
bile Association visited such cities as
Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen,
Bergen, Edinburgh, Paris, Rome,
Florence, Venice, Vienna, Lucerne,
Heidelberg, Cologne, and Amster-
dam. In each city the alumni had
the opportunity to view the excit-
ing contrasts between old and mod-
em Europe.
  The Association is planning tours
to other exciting points of the globe
during the coming year. Details on
locations and cost will be furnished
in a later issue of the Alumnus.
tary Sterilization. Both are directors of the
organization and Dr. H. Wade Stinson '46
is a vice president. Mr. Rogers is chairman
of the board of the Bates and Rogers
Construction Corporation, Chicago. This
fall, he and his wife will go to Lima,
Peru, to attend a meeting of the Inter-
American Federation of Construction
which Mr. Rogers helped to establish.
  Bernice Fitz-Gibbon '18, former adver-
tising manager for Gimbel's, New York, is
now writing a book, Nobody But Nobody
But You. The title is based on her cele-
brated slogan for Gimbel's, "Nobody but
nobody undersells Gimbels." Miss Fitz-
Gibbon now operates her own consulting
service in New York. She is the widow
of New York lawyer Herman Block, and
has two children and six grandchildren.
  W. H. Pierre '21 has retired as head of
the department of agronomy at Iowa State
University, a position he held since 1938.
  Byron M. Hill '21 has retired from his
job with the Jockey Menswear Company
and is living in Kenosha, Wis.
  Methodists in Monroe, Wis., honored
the Rev. Harold Allison '23 with a recep-
tion when he retired from the ministry in
June. The Allisons also celebrated their
41st wedding anniversary in June.
   Mr. and Mrs. Irving L. Wade '23
 (Alchee Waddle '24) will spend the next
 two years in New Delhi, India. He is chief
 of the power and water division of the
 U. S. Agency for International Develop-
 ment in India.
   When attorney Harold C. Smith '23 re-
 cently retired as legal advisor for Fort
 Atkinson, Wis., he was replaced by his
 son, Donald L. Smith '51. The Smiths
 are associated in the Smith, Rogers, and
 Smith law firm.
   Samuel Lenher '24, a vice president of
 the E. I. DuPont de Nemours and Com-
 pany, has been elected chairman of the
 Society of Chemical Industry, American
   Attorney Lyall T. Beggs '25, Madison
 lawyer and public administrator for Dane
 County Court, is president of the State
 Bar of Wisconsin.
   Courtland R. Conlee '25 has been
 named to the new position of director of
 public relations and will also oversee the
 promotion department for The Journal
 Company, publishers of the Milwaukee
 Journal and the Milwaukee Sentinel.
   A book by Martha E. Black '28, Speech
 Correction in the Schools, will be published
 next month by Prentice-Hall.
   John Bardeen '28, professor of electri-
 cal engineering at the University of Illi-
 nois, received the 1964 Vincent Bendix
 award for outstanding research contribu-
 tions by an engineering educator.
   In July, Katherine M. Hart '29, chair-
 man of the department of institution
 administration at Michigan State Univer-
 sity, was installed as president-elect of the
 American Dietetic Association.
   George F. Drake '29, former Chicago
advertising and public relations executive,
has become national development director
of the National Jewish Hospital at Denver.
   Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Wegner '29
 (Grace Garnett '31.) will spend this aca-
 demic year in West Africa. He will teach
 mathematics at Cuttington College, Sua-
 koko, Liberia, and Mrs. Wegner will
 teach English. He is an associate professor
 of mathematics at Carleton College.
 1931 - 940
   Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland,
awarded Dr. Frederick J. Stare '31 an
honorary doctor of science degree on July
9. Dr. Stare is professor of nutrition and
chairman of the department at Harvard
   Robert E. Moe '33 is manager of a new
unit of the General Electric tube depart-
ment in Owensboro, Ky. Engineering man-
ager for GE receiving tube operations
since 1949, Moe was instrumental in
developing the first GE television receiver.
  Elmer L. Winter '35, president and co-
founder of Manpower, Inc., has been
named to membership on the national
council of the National Planning Associa-
tion, which is concerned with the study
of methods for the utilization of the na-
tion's productive resources. Mr. Winter
lives in Milwaukee.

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