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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 66, Number 1 (Oct. 1964)

More buildings,   pp. [21]-23

Page [21]

 B ESIDES the relentless increase in the
    number of students that flood the
 campus each fall, the most striking il-
 lustration of the University's growth in
 recent years has been the appearance
 of new buildings on the campus.
   On the west end of the campus, Elm
 Drive Halls, the new Swimming Pool,
 the Veterinary Science Building, and
 the H. L. Russell Laboratories occupy
 ground that was originally given over to
 grassland and later to temporary build-
 ings and intramural fields.
   The center of the campus, north of
 University Avenue, has had its skyline
 altered by the addition of the new
 Genetics Building,- the Cancer Research
Building, the Social Studies Building
which isI- contiguous to the Carillon
Tower, "Van Vleck Hall, dramatic high-
rise structure housing math and physics,
the completion of 'the Law School and
the Law Library, the Lake Laboratory,
and the li-story Chadbourne Hall.
  South of University Avenue, the
newer structures include: the comple-
tion of the Engineering Building, the
new Psychology Building, a building for
Zoology Research, a new Heating Plant,
Unit I of the new Chemistry Building,
the Photo Lab, and the Primate Center
and Primate Lab.
  The Lower Campus, once predom-
inantly the domain of private homes,
is being made over by the addition of
a massive Residence Halls development
to house 4,000 students which includes:
Sellery, Witte, and Ogg halls, and Gor-
don Commons. In addition, a new Ex-
tension Building and a new Administra-
tion Building point to further dramatic
developments in the area.
  In August, the Regents approved an
unprecedented number of buildings,
providing further testament to the
growth of the University during this
significant era. The following two pages
offer a look at some of these exciting
new projects.

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