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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 66, Number 1 (Oct. 1964)

A program for the disadvantaged,   pp. 16-[18]

Page 16

Representatives of four universities met on the Madison campus over the summer
to map guidelines for a new faculty exchange program
believed to be the first large-scale cooperative project of its kind involving
both southern and northern universities. They were (from left,
clockwise): Profs. John S. Lash, Texas Southern University; Cecil L. Patterson,
North Carolina College; Chester H. Ruedisili and Donald R.
McNeil, Wisconsin; Glenn F. Rankin, Agricultural and Technical College of
North Carolina; and Jack Barbash of Wisconsin.
A Program for the Disadvantaged
Students and teachers in the Uni-
versity's first special advanced
course for mathematics teachers
from  predominantly  Negro  col-
leges pose for a "class picture"
in front of Van Vleck Hall, Madi-
son campus headquarters for the
UW mathematics department.
N EVER BEFORE in the history
     of this nation has so much at-
tention been concentrated on equal-
izing opportunity for all our citizens.
  After less than a year of increased
activity, it is apparent that the Uni-
versity of Wisconsin has assumed a
vital role in this field now claiming
the attention of millions of Ameri-
cans. It is apparent, too, that there
is genuine enthusiasm, a sense of
commitment, and a willingness to
work on the part of many faculty
   During the past year, the Univer-
sity has mounted a number of pro-
grams designed to equalize oppor-
tunity for the disadvantaged. These
programs have been given major im-
petus through two large grants-a
$75,000 grant from the Rockefeller
Foundation through Educational
                 Wisconsin Alumnus

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