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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 65, Number 3 (Dec. 1963)

Alumni news,   pp. 29-33

Page 33

  Mr. and Mrs. Alan Bernstein (Irene
FORMAN) announce the birth of their
second child, Carole Rose. They now live
in Great Barrington, Mass.
  Lieutenant and Mrs. Donald H. GUN-
DERSON (Joan FRANCIS) are in Sea-
side, Calif., and will remain there two
years more while he completes a two-year
course of study at the U.S. Naval Post-
graduate School, Monterey, in ordinance
engineering. The Gundersons have two
  Don W. MARTENS, who received his
juris doctor degree from   the George
Washington University Law   School in
June, has been awarded the Patent Office
Society Student Award by the university's
Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Re-
search Institute. It is presented annually
to the author of the best paper submitted
by a student in the Research Institute
seminar and lecture series. He is currently
employed by California Research Corpo-
ration, San Francisco.
  John YEAGER is supervisor of college
relations for The Trane Company,
La Crosse, Wis.
  Lawrence R. HAGNER has been
granted his second patent for the develop-
ment of an apparatus for percussively
welding electrical components to circuit
boards. He is a development engineer at
the Western Electric Company Hawthorne
Works, Chicago.
  Captain Nathan J. LINDSAY has won
the commendation medal of the U.S. Air
Force in recognition of his outstanding
work as an airmunitions officer while as-
signed to Headquarters, U.S. Air Forces
in Europe from Dec. 30, 1961, to April
15, 1963. The Air Force Institute of Tech-
nology at Wright-Patterson  Air Force
Base, Ohio, then assigned him to the UW
where he is working on his master's de-
gree in mechanical engineering.
  Mr. and Mrs. Gerald WELCH (Lucy
TANNER '60) announce the birth of a
son, Gregory Willard, in September. The
Welches have two other children. Mr.
Welch is district sales manager for the
Upjohn Company, veterinary division, and
works out of Memphis, Tenn., as super-
visor of Upjohn sales in 12 southern states.
  Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. PELET '56
(Nancy RUNKEL '59) are the parents of
a daughter, Monique Frances. She is the
couple's fourth child. Mr. Pelet is work-
ing as a virologist for the Swiss govern-
ment and the family is living in Nyon,
  Dr. Thomas A. VOGEL has been ap-
pointed assistant professor of geology at
Rutgers University.
  Richard A. SENGER is one of 11 Peace
Corps geologists who are in Ghana as
members of the Ghana Geological Survey.
No Ivory Tower
      Continued from page 19
declaration of hostility against the
new regime," he pointed out.
  Without U.S. aid in Viet Nam, he
told an overflow crowd in the Union
theater, Viet Nam would have been
conquered by the Communists and
it would have been a disaster for the
entire world. He warned that "little
by little" conquests by the Commu-
nists are the real danger of the free
  With these programs completed,
students on Forum Committee went
on about their business for Novem-
ber. Later that same week, they
brought Leon Keyserling, chief of
President Truman's economic ad-
visors, and Milton Friedman of the
University of Chicago to the campus
for a debate on private enterprise
and government. Other programs
will feature Fulton Lewis III; Eldon
  Colonel Edward R. MASON is serving
for a year in Korea as senior advisor to
the Army's Korean Division.
  Barry GOLDENSOHN is teaching at
the Pacific School in  Portola Valley,
  Marvin W. ZIMA has joined the sales
department of Monsanto Chemical Com-
pany's organic chemicals division, and
works out of St. Louis, Mo.
  Army pfc Larry L. KRUG has been
overseas since last December and is a
radio operator in Headquarters Company
of the 8th Infantry Division's 2nd brigade
near Bauniholder, Germany.
  First Lieutenant John POPE reported
to Camp Pendleton, Calif. at the end of
November after being home on leave from
the Marine Corps, following 20 months of
duty on Okinawa.
  Charles A. NELSON is new director of
activities at Lincoln-Tallman museum and
of the Rock County Historical Society,
Janesville, Wis.
  Senior physicist at the Midwest Re-
search Institute, Kansas City, Mo., is Dr.
Frank T. GREENE.
  Donald S. HUBER is associate editor
for Hoard's Dairyman in Ft. Atkinson,
  Judy G. RICHARDS is home economist
for Wisconsin Power and Light Company
in the Dane County organization, new
county headquarters now located in Ore-
gon, Wis.
  Lt. (j.g.) Annetta H. EVENSON is
Griffiths, an editor of Newsweek;
and a psychologist who is a spe-
cialist on school integration.
  According to Wallace H. Douma,
advisor to the Forum  Committee
and Union Personnel Director,
speakers are instructed to "stretch
the imaginations" of their student
audiences, and are warned not to
over-simplify. "Students don't com-
plain about things being over their
heads, but they don't like to be
talked down to," Douma said. "Re-
member that Paul Tillich won a
standing ovation last spring."
  Considering that Forum Commit-
tee activities are but one phase of
student programming on the subject
of current events, it's obvious that
one thing students are not retreating
from is what's going on in the world.
stationed at Balboa Naval Hospital, San
Diego, Calif., with the Navy Nurse Corps.
  Leroy ANDERSEN, football coach and
a faculty member at Sheboygan South
High School, will leave the school at the
end of June to enter private business.
  Dr. Richard D. SINKHORN is teach-
ing mathematics at the University of
Houston in Texas.
  Donald E. STONE, teaching assistant
in accounting, has won the Haskins and
Sells Gold Medal for placing first in the
nation in last Mays unitorm Certified
Public Accounting examination.
  Carol FALK is one of four journalism
graduate students at Columbia University
to receive Clapp and Poliak Foundation
fellowships. She is taking special studies
to broaden her background in reporting
business, finance, industry, and economic
policy news.
  Mr. and   Mrs. Michael R. GOOD-
NOUGH (Judith ERIKSON '61) are liv-
ing in Prospect Park, Pa., where he is an
engineer with the Scott Paper Company
in Chester, Pa. The Goodnoughs have a
son, Michael Charles, born September 19.
  Joyce E. KENZIAN will be stationed in
Germany for two years in recreational
service work for the U.S. Army.
  Leonard J. FISHER graduated from the
Air Force Training School at Lackland
Air Force Base, Tex., September 24 and
was commissioned a second lieutenant.
He has been reassigned to Keesler Air
Force Base, Biloxi, Miss., for study in the
field of electronic communications.
  Michael D. GIERYIC is assistant refer-
ence librarian at Colgate University.
December, 1963

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