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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 65, Number 10 (July 1964)

Several outstanding faculty retire,   pp. 23-26

Page 23

   Prof. Hazel S. Alberson, favorite
 teacher of comparative literature at
 Wisconsin for 32 years, has em-
 barked on a new career. She is
 directing summer seminars for Uni-
 versity alumni, lecturing to groups
 in the Wisconsin Center and over
 the radio, and traveling to Univer-
 sity Centers and to church and
 temple auditoriums around the state
 to speak to a variety of people on a
 great number of favorite topics.
 Mrs. Alberson came to Wisconsin to
 work with the late Philo Buck in
 the thirties, and received her Ph.D.
 in 1935. She was-name4 UW   asso-
 ciate professor in 1947 and later
 served at two different periods as
 department chairman. In 1961 she
 represented Wisconsin at the Tagore
 Festival in India. With Prof. Buck,
 Mrs. Alberson edited An Anthology
 of World Literature and A Treasury
 of the Theatre. She wrote numer-
 ous articles for scholarly journals.
 Her professional organizations in-
 clude 'the Medieval Academy and
 Phi Delta Gamma. Thousands of
 appreciative letters have marked
 her "Great Books" and "Visions That
 are Timeless" programs over Sta-
 tion WHA, which prizes her "schol-
 larly yet popular" method of pre-
 senting her material.
 Prof. Walter Agard, named one of
 the top ten favorite professors in the
 country when Life magazine polled
 U.S. college students in 1951, left in
 March to make his way to Athens,
 where he will teach at the American
 School of Classical Studies from next
 September to June. Last February,
 when word got around that Prof.
 Agard was teaching his one-semester
 course in classical mythology for the
 last time, almost 800 students
 showed up at the assigned classroom.
 His very last semester, an unprece-
 dented number-40 students-
 elected to take his course in begin-
 ning Greek. An original staff mem-
 ber of the Experimental College
 founded here in 1927 by Dr. Alex-
ander Meiklejohn, Prof. Agard stayed
on at Wisconsin, to served as chair-
man of classics from 1937 to 1954
and to help begin the Integrated
Liberal Studies program. Prof.
Agard has written a number of
books, including The Greek Mind,
July, 1964
Several Outstanding
Faculty Retire
Alberson            Agard
De Baun
Easum              Ferguson
Gausewitz           Krassett
McCanse             McNaul

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