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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 65, Number 10 (July 1964)

About the University,   pp. [6]-9

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news and sidelights
about the University
Acknowledge Annual WARF Gift for Research
New Regent President
The gavel signifying the presidency of the
Board of Regents was passed from Jacob F:
Friedrick, (left), Milwaukee, to the new head,
Arthur DeBardeleben '40, following the elec-
tion of officers in June. DeBardeleben, who
has been a Regent since 1959, is a Park
Falls attorney who was appointed to the Board
by former Governor Gaylord Nelson. Charles D.
Gelatt, La Crosse, was elected vice president
at the June meeting.
     search Foundation grant of
$1,808,552 to support research and
allied scholarly work at the Univer-
sity was accepted by the Regents in
June. The grant goes to the faculty
research committee of the Graduate
School for allocation to various proj-
ects conducted by investigators in
all fields of study.
  It was the ninth annual WARF
grant exceeding a million dollars
and brought the total University
grants from the foundation since its
founding in 1925 to more than $23
million, exclusive of WARF funds
given to the UW for campus labora-
tory construction.
  "WARF grants, over the years,
have helped to make this University
one of the world's great centers of
research and scholarly work," Pres.
Fred Harvey Harrington said.
"While they cannot be used to re-
place any deficiency in the basic re-
search appropriations from the State,
they enable the University to move
The Board of Regents sat for the photographer before holding its annual meeting
in June.
Regents pictured are: front row-Jacob F. Friedrick, Milwaukee; Charles D.
Gelatt, La Crosse;
Arthur DeBardeleben, Park Falls; and A. Matt Werner, Sheboygan; back row-Carl
E. Steiger,
Oshkosh; Meyer M. Cohen, Green Bay; Angus B. Rothwell, state superintendent
of public instruc-
tion; Kenneth L. Greenquist, Racine; Gilbert C. Rohde, Greenwood; and Maurice
B. Pasch, Madi-
son. Cohen '29 is the newest member of the Board, having been appointed in
May by Governor
Reynolds to take the place of Ellis Jensen, Janesville, whose term had expired.
quickly into new, productive re-
search directions and help build and
hold a great faculty."
  The major portion of the current
grant, $1,353,935, has been allocated
by the research committee to sup-
port various research and scholarly
programs on application from indi-
vidual faculty members.
  Other allocations made by the
committee include: $127,000 to sup-
port predoctoral fellowships, used
to attract outstanding young schol-
ars to the campus and perhaps later
to the faculty; $60,000 for research
appointments to assist in bringing
potentially top new staff members
to Wisconsin; $40,000 for postdoc-
toral fellowships; and $30,000 for
symposia and lectures.
  The foundation was established
39 years ago on the initiative of
Prof. Harry Steenbock to handle in
the public interest his patent on the
discovery that irradiation of milk
increases its vitamin D content.
Steenbock, now an emeritus profes-
sor on the biochemistry faculty, had
proposed that WARF manage the
applications of this discovery, and
that the income be re-invested in
UW research.
  This has been done with great
benefit, both to the world and the
University. The Steenbock discovery
has virtually freed the civilized
world of rickets, a disease resulting
from vitamin D deficiency.
  Derived from the income of this
patent and numerous others granted
to WARF, and by the earnings of
the foundation, WARF funds have
made possible a large proportion of
the University's world-renowned re-
search programs.

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