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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 64, Number 8 (May 1963)

Alumni seminars provide summer full of challenging ideas,   pp. 23-25

Page 25

the 20 per cent of our undergradu-
ates who are affiliated with either a
fraternity or sorority. A great num-
ber of the faculty have a personal
fraternity tie. Actually, those on the
much-discussed human Rights
Committee have a fraternal back-
ground. All have been initiated and
know the values of the system. Those
with a fraternity relationship are
also well represented on the Faculty
Committee on Student Life and In-
  Any fair appraisal of our frater-
nity system will reveal the many
positive things that characterize it.
Some of the more prominent are:
  -An organized, intimate social
    life that brings a "sense of be-
    longing" on a large, complex
  -A strong program of community
    service provided, in part,
    through the proceeds of Hu-
    morology, an award-winning
    participation in the Blood Bank,
    and special events for children
    and the elderly.
-Notable leadership
  activities that lend
  and unity to the
in campus
color, spirit
-A cumulative grade point aver-
  age that is higher than the cam-
  pus average. (To be sure, the
  fact that students may not be
     piecigect witl a satisfactory
     grade point helps to maintain
     the fraternity average.)
  Students who come to us are in-
creasingly mature and conscious of
the added demands for academic
proficiency. The faculty expects that
the fraternities will keep pace. Re-
cently the Interfraternity Judicial
Commission took firm and immedi-
ate action resulting from a childish
event in one of the fraternities which
violated the non-hazing edict. The
faculty has reason to expect that the
mistreatment of pledges which was
revealed in this violation will not
recur. They consider it to be poten-
tially dangerous, as well as archaic.
  In a steadily changing environ-
ment, on and off campus, we will
need to have a strong liaison be-
tween the fraternities and the fac-
May, 1963
ulty. With complete frankness and a
continual willingness to meet and
share in the forming of objectives in
student life, the fraternities will
keep producing campus leaders and
enthusiastic alumni as we strengthen
the vigorous spirit that is peculiarly
that of Wisconsin.
  We can hope, too, for some im-
aginative thinking that will keep
fraternities in the forefront and lead
in making the most of the unique
chance this place affords for per-
sonal growth and understanding for
  A few days ago, President Har-
rington said: "I feel that our frater-
nities can play an important and
constructive role in our University's
future. I hope they will measure up
to this responsibility." I have no
doubt that the faculty concurs.
                   Europe, 1963 with the
Wisconsin Alumni Association
   Plan to join us this summer-from July 29 to August 20-
in an exciting tour of eight European countries
Wisconsin Alumni Association
Memorial Union
Madison, Wisconsin
LI  Please send more information and a detailed itinerary on the Wisconsin
    Tour of Europe departing July 29, 1963.
El  Please reserve accommodations for ------ persons on the Alumni Tour of
    Enclosed please find a deposit in the amount of $100 per person (checks
    be made payable to the Wisconsin Alumni Association). This amount will
be applied
    to the total cost of $1085 per person from Chicago or $1012 per person
    New York, and I will pay the balance due not later than June 15, 1963.
    I understand that this deposit is refundable in full, providing written
notice of
    cancellation is sent to you at least six weeks before departure, and
that refunds
    made thereafter will be subject to a cancellation fee in accordance with
    incurred in the handling of my tour reservations.
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