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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 64, Number 8 (May 1963)

UW-Milwaukee's predecessor institutions have built a tradition of excellence,   pp. 15-[16]

Page [16]

The Fine Arts Quartet, artists-in-residence, help maintain the outstanding
fine arts program
at the UW-M, and contribute to the cultural welfare of the community.
growth has been that the UW-M has
established a master's degree pro-
gram in urban study. Primarily, the
urban affairs program is designed
to provide qualified people who are
trained to deal with the multi-
faceted problems facing our metro-
politan areas.
  The UW-Milwaukee is also con-
cerned with programs that go be-
yond the question of urban prob-
lems: its Institute for World Affairs
Education focuses on international
problems and, their relation   to
United   States' foreign     policy.
Through cooperation with the John-
son   Foundation   and   Milwaukee
groups interested in the same gen-
eral topic, the Institute has spon-
sored a number of conferences on
such topics as the United Nations,
Africa, China, and the Common
Market, and publications based on
these conferences have had wide
circulation. From time to time, lec-
turers and professors visit the cam-
pus to present topical programs in
association with the Institute's pro-
  Recent developments point to a
continual broadening of the educa-
tional base on the Milwaukee cam-
pus. A department of comparative
literature, and a unique graduate
program in anthropology, with spe-
cialties in museology and applied
anthropology, have been established.
Also, it is anticipated that a school
of commerce, a school of engineer-
ing, and a school of nursing, all sep-
arate from the Madison campus, will
soon be established.
  Academic excellence on the Mil-
waukee campus has been encour-
aged through the development of an
honors program in the UW-M Col-
lege of Letters and Science. The pro-
gram offers honors courses in L & S
subjects and leads to a full honors
  Many of these programs, quite
naturally, will be duplications of
similar offerings on the Madison
campus, but there is the realization
that Milwaukee will be able to offer
certain programs not found at the
University in Madison, or any other
institution of higher education in the
  Taken together, these signs of
growing   academic stature     show
promise of providing the uniqueness
that the University of Wisconsin-Mil-
waukee is seeking.
Prof. Donald Shea (left), director of the Institute for World Affairs Education,
meets with a group of Milwaukee people as a part of the
Institute's "Great Decisions" program.

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