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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 63, Number 8 (Dec. 1961)

Alumni news,   pp. 34-38

Newly married,   pp. 38-39

Page 38

  Dr. and Mrs. William COOK '54 (Judith
KAYSER), Cleveland, 0., announce the birth
of a daughter, 'Catherine Ann.
  Robert ROSE is attending the University
of Virginia under a grant from the National
Science Foundation.
  Gerald BOSMAN is the new president of
the Wisconsin Alumni Club of Door County.
  David RAWSON has been appointed a
representative for the Connecticut Mutual
Life Insurance Co. in San Francisco, Calif.
  Louis H. BETHKE has been named as-
sistant director of Admissions at Ripon Col-
lege, Ripon, Wis.
  Army Capt. Edmund M. DROZD recently
was assigned as a liaison officer in the 5th
Infantry's headquarters Co. at Fort Riley,
  Terrance A. ANDERSON is the new choir
director at Culver Military Academy, Culver,
  Lt. and Mrs. Donald HEILIGER, Mather
Air Force Base, Calif., announce the birth
of a daughter, Leslie Ann.
  Thomas J. DEAN is currently attending
the Union Theological Seminary in New
York City after receiving his Bachelor of
Divinity Degree from Harvard University.
  Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. HOPKINS are the
parents of twin daughters. Mr. Hopkins is
the assistant state editor for the Wisconsin
State Journal, Madison.
  James KRIKELAS has been promoted to
head librarian of the Memorial Library at
Milwaukee-Downer College.
  Martin ROSS has been selected by the
Peace Corps for an agricultural project in
India's Punjab State.
  James P. WEYHMILLER is currently em-
ployed in the Veterinary Research and De-
velopment Department of the Upjohn Co.,
Kalamazoo, Mich.
  Paul A. HARTWIG has become associated
with the Marshall Co., Monroe, Wis., and
will also continue to operate the Monroe
Farm Management and Consulting Service.
  Mr. and Mrs. Bronson LaFOLLETTE '58
(Lynn GODWIN) announce the birth of a
daughter. Mr. LaFollette is a member of the
law firm of LaFollette, Sinykin, Doyle, and
Anderson, Madison.
  John P. ADAMSKI has been appointed
Landscape Architect for the San Isabel Na-
tional Forest with headquarters in Pueblo,
  John C. HOFFMAN recently was pro-
moted to private first class in Germany,
where he is serving with the 530th Engi-
neer Co.
  Philip  A. MARKSTROM        has been
awarded  a research  assistantship  by the
Graduate College of the University of Iowa
to pursue study in the field of work measure-
ment for the SUI department of mechanical
  Army 2d Lt. Alan W. MESS is now as-
signed to the 507th Ordnance Co. in
  Mrs. Thomas Klusendorf (Joyce URFER)
has been elected secretary of the Wisconsin
Alumni Club of Iowa County.
  William ANDERSON has been named to
the physical therapy staff at St. Nicholas
Hospital, Sheboygan, Wis.
  Thomas J. BONTLY, Madison, and Janet
M. MOHR, Anchorage, Alaska, have been
awarded a Rotary Foundation Fellowship for
advanced study abroad during the 1961-62
school year.
  1st Lt. John M. SANDERSON, Jr. '59
(Joan NISHIMURA), Weisbaden, Germany,
are the parents of a daughter, Stacey Lyn.
  Mrs. Andre M. Saltoun (Francine KLEIN)
is presently an instructor of French at Lake
Forest College, Lake Forest, Ill.
Newly Married
  Anne BURBACH and Kendall E. BARG,
West Allis.
  Joan C. JONES and Murad Gengozian,
  Eleanor R. TURNER and Ernest R. Mell,
  Geraldine D. GULCYNSKI and James M.
Janette, Milwaukee.
  Myrna D. DELSON and Dr. David S.
Karansky, New York, N. Y.
  Mary L. DRNEK and Elmer L. Wagner,
  Geraldine L. Lenz and     Ronald   C.
BRASCH, Fremont.
  Janet E. Harrington and Julius MARKS,
Chicago, Ill.
   Patricia L. McCARTHY and Erwin J.
HEINZELMANN '60, Munich, Germany.
   Shirley J. Swanson and Glenn A. MEYER,
 La Crosse.
 Margaret J. Muller and Stanley MIEZIO,
 New York, N. Y.
  Betty J. Davidson and Trygve S. NEP-
RUD, Westby.
  Anne T. Stapleton and Rodney G. PETER-
SON, New York, N. Y.
  Rita A. Seng and Thomas E. XISTRIS,
Chicago, Ill.
  Kathleen K. Alldredge and Gerald R.
BASS, Madison.
  Marilyn B. JOHNSON and Keith E.
Knight, Lancaster.
  Audrey J. RADUE and Donald D. Siben-
horn, Two Rivers.
  Marlene    K. Glass    and   Jack  L.
STRAEHLER, Fond du Lac.
  Sue A. Miller and John J, ALBRIGHT,
Green Bay.
  Cynthia BAGLES and Louis G. Jumes,
  Sallie L. Quinn and Neil C. BURMEIS-
TER, Beloit.
  Andrea C. Baier and Robert H. BUTH,
Menomonee Falls.
  Constance D. DAVIS and William Cham-
bers, San Francisco, Calif.
  Carol Pommerich and Dirk N. GRAN-
BERG, Oshkosh.
  Dianne F. Gordon and William J. HEISE,
  Nancy Meeks and Jeffery F. HENDER-
SON, Cincinnati, 0.
  Jacquelyn A. Dunse and Gary L. HOFF,
  Jill A. Thompson and James F. KAP-
HENGST, Williams Bay.
  Dorothy M. Pribernow and Robert G.
LUFT, Maple Creek.
  Sherrill S. PETERSON and Arthur D.
Dailey, San Francisco, Calif.
  June C. DeYoung and Frederic C. VOR-
LOP, Ft. Lewis, Wash.
  Susan Kyle and Terence G. BISCHOFF,
River Hills.
  Norma J. Spierling   and  Edmund   G.
EIGENFELD, Milwaukee.
  Dianne Temp and Alvin J. ERICKSON,
Wisconsin Alumnus, December, 1961
  Thomas F. Canny
        Class of '60
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