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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 62, Number 15 (July 1961)

Newly married,   pp. 54-55

Page 55

  Lois F. SCHLOUGH   and Gerald B.
Marsh, Nashua, Ia.
  Janice J. SCHOMMER and William M.
GRESENZ '56, Neenah.
  Carol M. Stampfl and Anton V. SIMENC,
  Hilda T. Schwartz and Walter G. TAS-
CHEK, New York, N. Y.
  Merut A. Warnius and Ernest J. THOR'PE,
Chicago, Ill.
  Karen R. 'WEINKAUF and Daniel BAU-
MANN '58, Wausau.
  Nancy E. McDowell and Richard L. WES-
ENBERG, Madison.
  'Sandra Pinkerton and Robe t G. WEST-
PHAL, Brandon.
  Mary A. Elskamp and Larry J. CARSON,
  Mary A. DERR and Daniel E. TORPHY
  '59, Madison.
  Lea F. GIBLYN and John R. Kroll, Mad-
  Karen M. JOHNSON       and Charles F.
  Mary J. LA DUKE and 'Phillip E. GOKEY,
  Kay E. NELSON and Gary J. DiVall,
  Helen C. Bray and James M. O'DON-
NELL, Dodgeville.
  Joyce E. Hustad and Jerome J. SUTTER,
Mt. Horeb.
  Juliet H. TJOFLAT and Jay M. FOR-
RESTER '61, St. Louis, Mo.
  Janine ;P. Erichsen and Ojars J. ZIEME-
LIS, Mukwonago.
  Judith M. ANGEVINE and Eugene J.
FLATH '60, Madison.
  Mary A. BECKWITH     and John L.
Sprague, Madison.
-Susan . and&-Charl es W. UEHL,
  Gretchen Schoenwetter  and Henry M.
DERLETH, Beaver Dam.
  Donna M. KARES and Edward D. KRAUS
  '59, Fond du Lac.
  Kay M. LA COURT and Carl R. Becker,
  JoAnn Johansen and Harland E. LEE,
  JoAnn F. Kaufman and Harvey L. MAL-
CHOW, Baraboo.
  Mary A. Warren and LaVerne M. NEL-
SON, 'Madison.
  Ruth A. OLSON and Roger W. Fellnagel,
  Susan D. RANDOLIPH      and James L.
CLAkPP '56, Madison.
  Deena O'Connell and Thomas A. RICH-
TER, 'Madison.
  Polly M. SCHUMANN and Bruce L. Boe-
gel, Madison.
  Toby L. SHAPIRO and Peter B. WAL-
LACH, Prairie du Chien.
  Ellen D. McCarthy -and Bruce D. THORE-
SON, Madison.
  Rosann M. WILLOUGHBY and Clayton
E. RASMUSSEN '59, Madison.
Wisconsin Alumnus, July, 1961
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Important Tax Advantages
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or income based on the earnings of
WARF's portfolio of growth-type stocks.
In either case you pay no capital gains
tax. You may take a deduction for this
charitable gift on your income tax, and of
course inheritance and estate taxes will be
reduced. All these advantages are yours -
plus the satisfaction that your gift will
eventually go to further study and research
at the University of Wisconsin.
      A gift that rewards the giver...
      and goes on giving forever
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