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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 62, Number 15 (July 1961)

The big birthday party,   pp. 11-12

Page 12

Donald C. Slichter beams as he displays
his "Alumnus of the Year" award.
  This outside support, the President
said, will come from three main sources:
increased fees; gifts and grants from
foundations, corporations, and individ-
uals; and federal appropriations and
  President Elvehjem was pleased to see
so many alumni back on the campus and
he congratulated the Association on the
successful conclusion of its first hundred
years. "We are proud of our alumni and
the Association they have built and
strengthened through a century," he said.
"Long may the Association prosper, for
as it rises, it lifts with it the hopes and
aspirations of the University. Its strength
is our strength. Its success is our success."
E ARLIER in the evening, the program
    had begun with the celebration of
two birthdays, the Association's and
Mrs. Elvehjem's which, coincidentally
fell on the day of the Centennial Din-
ner. It was with special relish then that
the alumni watched as Mrs. Elvehjem
blew out the candles on the "Centennial
Birthday Cake" and cut samples for the
people at the head table.
   After the Union waiters had provided
everyone with a second cup of coffee
and cleared away the last remaining
dishes, Professor Raymond F. Dvorak,
with Paul Jones at the piano, led the
alumni in song.
   Then Toastmaster Don Anderson be-
gan the evening's program with the in-
troduction of Dr. Norman 0. Becker,
president-elect of the Association. Dr.
Becker gave a short, crisp speech and
outlined a few projects for the alumni
to consider as the Association enters its
second hundred years of service. For the
main points of his speech, see the article
on Dr. Becker which begins on page 28.
   The next order of business was the
presentation of awards. Don Anderson
presented life memberships in the Wis-
consin Alumni Association to Wiscon-
sin students Gail Guthrie, Lac du Flam-
beau, and Daniel Webster, Milwaukee,
who had been named outstanding sen-
iors by the Association's Student Awards
   Then Charles L. Byron, Chicago, pre-
 sented the "Alumnus of the Year"
 award to Donald C. Slichter, Milwau-
 kee. Slichter was cited "for outstanding
 service to the University of Wisconsin
 and its alumni; for effective leadership
as director and chairman of the board
of trustees of the Wisconsin Alumni Re-
search Foundation and member of the
University of Wisconsin Foundation;
for his unwavering loyalty to Alma
Mater and his continued efforts to keep
Wisconsin among the top ten univer-
sities in America."
N ADDITION to President Elvehjem.
the principal addresses of the evening
were given by distinguished alumni:
Carl E. Steiger, president of the Board
of Regents; Louis P. Lochner, the first
executive secretary of the Association;
Mrs. Mary I. Bunting, president of Rad-
cliffe College.
  Regent Steiger led off by congratulat-
ing the Association on its hundredth
birthday and by reminding the alumni
that it is the independence of the Asso-
ciation which gives the Association its
particular strength to help the Univer-
sity do things that it cannot do on its
own. He then gave special thanks to the
alumni for the recent support they gave
to the University budget.
   Louis Lochner, in deference to the
Half Century class of 1911, recalled the
campus as he knew it in 1911 and cited
some of the University's special achieve-
ments of that era. In covering the news
on five continents, Lochner commented
that he has always felt a special pride
in hearing the University of Wisconsin
mentioned as a leader in significant
   But he feels that "The University of
Wisconsin is not nearly well-known as
it should be", and that we should do
more to "project the image of Wiscon-
sin." He has made his opinions on this
subject quite clear in the article which
appears on page 23.
   Mrs. Mary Bunting, a niece of L & S
Dean Mark Ingraham, next gave a witty
account of some of the situations she
has encountered as president of Rad-
cliffe. With a mischievous twinkle in her
eye, she told the alumni, "If you really
want to get Wisconsin in the news, elect
a woman president."
   The singing of "Varsity" following
the program officially closed the first
hundred years of the history of the Wis-
consin Alumni Association and the
alumni and friends of the University
left the dinner anticipating an increas-
ingly lively and challenging second
      Wisconsin Alumnus, July, 1961

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