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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 62, Number 15 (July 1961)

Anderson, Don
A pleasure and an honor,   p. [10]

Page [10]

          Retiring President
          Wisconsin Alumni Association
Centennial Year Review
A Pleasure and an Honor
C ENTENNIAL YEAR has passed, and the Wiscon-
    sin Alumni Association is comfortably launched
on its second century.
  During our anniversary year, your Association tried,
wherever possible, to call attention to our contribu-
tion to the University of Wisconsin during our first
hundred years. This was not for the purpose of point-
less boasting, but rather to lay the ground work for
future service.
  Our observation meetings started last fall with a
great Kick-Off Dinner in Madison at which distin-
guished alumni explained the role the Association
could and should play in University affairs. It termi-
nated at Commencement, where the Centennial theme
dominated all alumni activities.
   In between these events, there was a year of sound
accomplishment on the active front of the day-to-day
business of running alumni affairs. Membership
climbed to a new high of 24,616, and enabled us to
maintain our position as the fourth largest Alumni
Association in the country. We were able to live com-
fortably within our budget. Your officers and mem-
bers of the permanent staff gave countless hours to
interpreting University needs to members of the Leg-
islature. This is especially important in a budget year,
and very especially so this year when rapid growth in
student enrollment has multiplied the needs so
greatly. Association members often are in a better
position to do this sort of work than are active mem-
bers of the University administrative staff.
  The year of 1961 marked one distinctive innovation
-Alumni Woman's Day at the University of Wis-
consin. This had been attempted before, but had not
succeeded. Your officers decided to give it another
whirl, and this time its success was far beyond our
expectations. Woman's Day will be a fixture in the
years to come, and one which will increase alumnae
interest in the affairs of the Association.
   As your retiring President, it is not my job to plan
too much for the future, but I cannot help but look
at tomorrow with growing enthusiasm. The new offi-
cers have a program planned for next year that is
broader and better than any we have attempted in the
past. An effort will be made to broaden the scope of
the Association service to the Legislature. The Uni-
versity of Wisconsin does not fear honest argument
with its program. It does fear an uninformed opposi-
tion to what the educational leaders of the state are
trying to accomplish.
   Your new President has expressed a desire to stim-
 ulate an increased interest in Alumni Association work
 among students before they graduate, thus insuring
 their interest in our affairs after they become alumni.
   The Alumni House, so long a dream, and so often
 the victim of unavoidable setbacks, has taken a few
 small steps toward accomplishment. I feel sure that
 the next two or three years will see our Home built
 and occupied and our Association work thus able to
 be carried out more effectively.
   This past year as President has been one of the
 most gratifying of my life. If it was successful it was
 only because literally hundreds of you responded to
 my call for service every time I requested it. I will
 always be grateful for having had the pleasure and
 the honor to serve a great University.

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