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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 62, Number 14 (June 1961)

New look in summer sessions,   pp. 22-23

Page 22

Full Program of Studies Available
New Look in, Summer Sessions
S UMMER SCHOOL is no longer just for kids. Right
   here on the Madison campus, for example, 70% of the
1960 summer population was made up of graduates and
specials, part-time students from every business and profes-
sion. In addition, well over 18,000 adults attended the non-
credit institutes, conferences, and clinics held from June to
  And there is good reason for the Summer Sessions' popu-
larity. UW Summer Sessions epitomize a distinguished Uni-
versity in action in an inspiring lakeshore setting. Sessions
varying in length from two to ten weeks, over 700 courses
and seminars in 78 major fields of study, some 60 institutes
and conferences, great libraries and laboratories, superior
student living and social centers-all combine to make a
summer of study at Madison both fruitful and enjoyable.
  Summer enrollments have climbed 40% in the past five
years and are expected to go even higher in 1961. This
year's increase will be due in part to a survey conducted by
the University which resulted in significant, you-asked-for-it
  In line with a request from the State Coordinating Com-
mittee on Higher Education to give "vigorous encourage-
ment to students to take advantage of summer offerings"
and spread the use of campus facilities through the year, the
UW asked over 1,000 students and staff members, "If you
were the Summer Sessions Director, what would you do?"
Summer Session Changes
  Acting on their recommendations, the University made
ten important changes in the summer program:
  1. Students may now register in advance, in person or by
mail, including signing up for courses and paying fees. This
gives instructors advance notice of teaching loads and
eliminates registration-day lines.
  2. In the Eight-Week Session, June 20-August 11, classes
begin on Tuesday, with the deadline registration period on
Monday and Tuesday, June 19 and 20, not Friday and
Saturday. The new schedule eliminates a "lost weekend"
for both students and staff.
  3. Only "assignment committee courses" require depart-
mental stamps on student study lists, saving a good deal of
registration time.
  4. A simplified fee schedule is based on the number of
credits carried rather than the length of the session.
                       Wisconsin Alumnus, June, 1961

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