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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 62, Number 13 (May 1961)

Alumni news,   pp. 33-36

Page 36

an opportunity to
Rze 3ei ve
    A personal income plan
    with many tax benefits
                              Under this plan you give to WARF,
                              and at the same time you receive
                              an income for life (or two lives).
                              Tax deductions and income are based
                              upon the current market value of
                              your gift. Since the gift is made to an
                              educational institution, you are not
                              required to pay a capital gains tax
                              on its appreciated value. Income tax
                              is reduced, too, because your gift is
                              deductible up to 20% of your income.
                              From WARF's Life Income Plan
                              you receive income, tax benefits, and
                              freedom from financial management
                              cares. Ultimately your gift will support
                              research and educational activities
                              at the University of Wisconsin.
   Now you can GIVE to the University
   of Wisconsin and RECEIVE an
   income for life. Let us give you
   complete details about WARF's
   Life Income Plans.
     A gift that rewards the giver...
     and goes on giving forever
For more details, write LIFE INCOME PLANS
P. 0. BOX 2217                 o              MADISON 5, WISCONSIN
pointed associate dean of Columbia Uni-
versity's School of General Studies.
   Dr. and Mrs. James R. LAIBLE (Eliza-
 beth McCANSE '58), San Rafael, Calif.,
 announce the birth of a daughter, Margaret
 Elizabeth. Dr. Laible is a chemical engineer
 with Standard Oil of California.
   Robert H. STARK of Milwaukee has been
 appointed assistant district executive for Boy
 Scouts of America.
 Mr. and Mrs. John   TRUOG   are the
 parents of a son, Thomas Rayne.
 John M. CORUTHERS has been promoted
 to Monroe district installation superintendent
 for Illinois Bell Telephone Co.
 Ralph NEALE has been appointed foot-
 ball coach of Monroe High School.
 Mrs. Richard MAURER (Barbara WEST-
 PHAL) has been elected secretary of the
 Wisconsin Alumni Club of Manitowoc
 The Regez and Johnson law firm, Monroe,
 Wis., has announced that John K. CALLA-
 HAN has become an official partner in
 the firm.
 Paul A. HARTWIG has been appointed
 chairman for the Green County Red Cross
 fund drive. He is owner-operator of the new
 Monroe Farm Management and Consulting
 Donald P. SCOTT has been named super-
 intendent of schools in Neenah, Wis.
 Donald R. RICHARDS has been promoted
 to first lieutenant in Germany where he is a
 member of the 36th Infantry.
 Army 1st Lt. William B. WHITE has
 been assigned commander of the 4th
 Artillery's Headquarters Battery at Fort Riley,
 Charles W. McCURE has been named
 winner of the 1961 National Electronics
 Conference Fellowship award. The fellow-
 ship, valued at $2,500, is an annual award
 to electrical engineering graduates for further
 studies in electronics.
 Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. POOLEY an-
 nounce the birth of a daughter, Susan Eliza-
 beth. Mr. Pooley is a graduate assistant in
geology at Florida State University.
  Irene A. DOBBERT   has been named
librarian for Hardware Mutuals-Sentry Life,
the nation's sixth largest mutual property and
casualty insurance group, headquartered in
Stevens Point, Wis.
  Jose Ricaurte GARCIA-BRAND is now
director of Extension, Columbian Ministry of
Agriculture, Bogota.
Wisconsin Alumnus, May, 1961

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