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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 61, Number 9 (Jan. 1960)

Happy Badgers follow the sun to California,   p. 11

Page 11

                                      Happy Badgers
                                          follow the sun
                                             to California
                  victory inspires jubilant celebration
           and then results in hard work for many
 0   N  SATURDAY, November 21,       charged it with the responsibility of
     the news of the Badger victory     planning and making all arrangements
 over Minnesota, a subsequent Big Ten   for the University's participation
in the
 championship, and a trip to the Rose   Tournament of Roses. Named to the
 Bowl started UW   students on a cele-  committee were LeRoy Luberg, dean
 bration that spread rapidly from Lang- students (chairman); John Berge,
 don Street to the Capitol Square. Over ecutive director, Wisconsin  Alumni
 3,000 happy students and well wishers  Association; Prof. Frank J. Remington,
 snaked their way through the streets as Big Ten faculty representative;
 they sang, cheered, and just generally Marvin A. Schaars, chairman of the
 took delight in the achievement of their  letic board; A. W. Peterson, vice
 football team. The spirit was infectious  dent of business and finance;
 and many townspeople found them-       Taylor, assistant to the president;
 selves joining in the merriment as the President Elvehjem as ex-officio
 students filled the downtown area of     On the following Tuesday, over
 Madison.                               students and fans flocked to the
   While the celebration was large, it  terrace of the Memorial Union for
 never became riotously destructive. Mad-  special pep rally in honor of
the team.
 ison police were on hand for any       The weather was cold but the Badger
 emergencies but their participation in fans were warm in their support and
 the event was, for the most part, in a strains of "California Here
I Come"
 spectator's role. Throughout the dura- sounded cheerily through the crisp
 tion of the merrymakingth              ThAt evening-he-eam receiAeanother
 only one incident of property damage   tribute from the 1,100 people attending
 and that came when a student became    the football banquet.
 so engrossed in his cheering that he     As much of the excitement over
 stepped through a window he hadn't     fact that the Badgers had won the
 noticed in Chadbourne hall. The im-    Ten championship and a Rose Bowl
 promptu hilarity took a while to run its  began to subside, the hard planning
 course, but began to fade with the late arranging began. The President's
 afternoon sun and Saturday night re-   Bowl committee met often and in long
 sulted in more insular and organized   sessions; the athletic department,
 expressions of happiness as the cele-  Rered by requests, wracked its collective
 brants moved indoors,                  brains for an equitable ticket policy;
   Sunday, the team and coaches were    students began  cracking open their
received by a large group of fans at the piggy-banks, hoping to find enough
Madison airport. During the melee of   money for the holiday trip to Califor-
this celebration, cooler heads were mov- nia; and the various alumni clubs
ing rapidly to place the University in a this area and on the West Coast
favorable position to handle the numer- making their plans for the run for
ous details necessary to get the team,  Roses.
the students, the alumni, and other loyal UW   students, eager to heed Horace
Badger fans to the West Coast for the  Greely's advice, made a total of 2,093
New Year's Day classic. On this same  Rose Bowl ticket reservations as com-
Sunday, President Elvehjem  named a    pared to 1,905 for the 1953 game.
seven-man Rose Bowl committee and      next preference of tickets went to
Wisconsin Alumnus, January, 1960
ulty and staff members with the remain-
ing tickets being distributed among reg-
ular members of the Alumni Associa-
tion, regular season ticket holders, and
"W" men. A tremendous response was
displayed for the annual Big Ten ban-
quet held in the Biltmore Hotel and
featuring Bob Hope as 600 tickets for
the event were purchased from the Wis-
consin Alumni Association by Badger
   Special trains to the Rose Bowl be-
 came big news as the Madison and
 Chicago Alumni Clubs jointly spon-
 sored a train, the Milwaukee Alumni
 Club sponsored a train, and the Wis-
 consin Student Association sponsored
 two trains, the Cardinal and the White,
 for students. To supervise the students
 on the trains, Theodore Zillman, dean
 of men and chairman of the Rose Bowl
 committee for student transportation
 aindgh9 amed-19University per-
 sonnel to serve as faculty advisers and
 chaperones on the trip. Those named
 represented a wide sampling from the
 University community and had just as
 much fun as the students.
   The Rose Bowl enthusiasm generated
by the students and faculty soon spread
to the State Legislature. Moving swiftly,
they voted an $18,000 appropriation for
a float to represent the State of Wiscon-
sin in the Tournament of Roses parade.
A   similar float, featuring  "Alice in
Dairyland", had been one of the high-
lights of the parade in 1953.
   To most Badgers, the California so-
journ was filled with sunshine, sight-
seeing, and good times. The way out
and back was filled with memories of
new sights, new friends, and new ex-
periences which will make the Rose
Bowl of    1960   an  occasion which
Badger fans will often recall and fondly

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