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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 61, Number 9 (Jan. 1960)

Rudeen, Kenneth
The history of a champion,   pp. 8-10

Page 10

commercial, Minnesota scored on a long
pass up   the middle. However, the
Badgers rallied, hung on with bulldog
tenacity, and scored 11 points in the sec-
ond half to best the stubborn Gophers.
Meanwhile, Illinois was obligingly
thumping Northwestern and, as a re-
sult, handing Wisconsin its first undis-
puted  Big   Ten  championship   since
   So the Badgers, who had been oft
plagued by bad weather and were the
victims of two frustrating defeats, never
gave in to despair. When they had to,
they came back. They won the Big Ten
title and the opportunity to go to the
Rose Bowl because of their ability, and,
most of all, because of their character.
   Recognition of the Badger's triumph
came fast on the heels of the announce-
ment that they had been selected to rep-
resent the Big Ten at the Rose Bowl.
At the annual football banquet, 1,100
Badger supporters honored the cham-
pionship squad. Speaking for the Uni-
versity, Pres. Conrad A. Elvehjem con-
gratulated head coach Milt Bruhn and
his team on their achievement and then
asked for a little help. "I remember
quite distinctly, Milt, that you and I had
an agreement to keep things in balance
here in the University. Wisconsin has
long been rated academically in the top
ten, and we agreed that the football
team should have like standing. This
you accomplished quite well-a little
too well, if I may be critical at such a
happy time. You have brought your
team out at the head of the conference
and I am having a bit of trouble getting
our professors' salaries out of the sec-
ond division. At the moment our pro-
fessors are in sixth place, our associate
professors in seventh, and our assistant
professors in eighth place in the Big
Ten salary league. So, Milt-and your
friends-if you have a little spare time
before getting the team ready for the
Rose Bowl, will you give me a little
coaching, perhaps a few plays, for our
negotiations with the Legislature ?"
   Coach Bruhn followed with a thank
 you to the University and the adminis-
tration for its support. He then paid a
special tribute to his coaching staff of
Deral Teteak, LaVern Van Dyke, Paul
Shaw, Fred Jacoby, Fred Marsh, and
Clark Van Galder. Bruhn also felt that
the names of 'Bob Odell and Perry
Moss, who are now coaching elsewhere,
should be included because of their help
in building the present team.
   Bruhn then praised his seniors who
have been instrumental in Wisconsin's
football successes over the past three
years. They have a 20-6-1 record for
their three years of competition. The
seniors include co-captains Jerry Stalcup
and Robert Zeman, Bob Altmann, Dale
Hackbart, Ed Hart, Jim Heineke, Bill
Hobbs, Jim Holmes, Karl Holzwarth,
Lowell Jenkins, Dan Lanphear, Bob
Nelson, Jim Rogers, Allan Schoonover,
Charles Sprague, and Peter Zouvas. This
year Stalcup was named most valuable
by his teammates and Zeman was voted
the Ivan Williamson award for sports-
   After the accolades had been be-
 stowed, it was business as usual on the
 practice field. On December 14, the
 Badgers began a series of jarring drills
 designed to prepare them for the Wash-
 ington Huskies. The squad practiced in
 Madison until Friday Dec. 18 and then
 left for California the following day.
 Drills were resumed on a two-a-day
 basis on Dec. 21 at the campus of East
 Los Angeles Junior College. Christmas
 brought a welcome pause in the hard
 hitting sessions as the team began to
 taper off in anticipation of the final
 week before the game.
   And then, on New Year's Day 1960,
 the people on the West Coast got an
 opportunity to see this steadfast group
 of Wisconsin seniors play in their last
 football game. Once again the football
 Badgers, the representatives of the Uni-
 versity administration, the alumni, and
 the students proved that, while it is a
 complexity of elements, a university is
 made great by the character of its
Bruhn samples the tasty Washington
product with an eye pealed towards the
Badger's opponent in the Rose Bowl.
Wisconsin Alumnus, January, 1960

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