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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 61, Number 9 (Jan. 1960)

Dear editor,   pp. 2-[3]

Page 2

dear editor
"All Our Girls . . ."
  I was very pleased to read the article on
page 23 of the November 1959 issue of the
"Wisconsin Alumnus" concerning the Wis-
consin Union Theater and its really impres-
sive array of dramatists, musicians and civic
  As a former "Haresfooter"    and  vice-
president of that organization, I was shocked
to find no mention of this historical musical-
comedy club. Since 1898 "Haresfooters" have
been a very formidable arm of public and
alumni relationships on behalf of the Uni-
versity and a very. worthwhile part of the
liberal education of its members. I am sure
that the annual Haresfoot production has
been on the boards of the Union Theater
since its completion in October of 1939.
   How did you miss the color and nostalgia
of "All our girls are men, yet everyone's a
                Lowell A. Reed, Jr. '52
                       Philadelphia, Pa.
Chadbourne Reaction
  This is a letter of protest concerning the
way in which material on the new Chad-
bourne Hall was handled in the November
copy of the Wisconsin Alumnus which we
received today. I write as an alumnus of the
University, and also as the wife of the Archi-
tect for Chadbourne Hall, Stanley L.
  Why would you give attention to a build-
ing as outstanding as this without even men-
tioning the name of the Architect? The con-
tractor who carried out the design and plans
of the Architect was mentioned, and there
were pictures of the housemother, the cooks,
etc., but no mention of the man who was
the inspiration for this building. Would you
think of featuring the work of any other
alumnus, a painter, a musician, a writer,
without identifying the work with the
artist ?  ...
           Eleanor Wooster Nerdrum '27
  Regretfully, we also omitted the name of
Donald Halverson, former director of Resi-
dence Halls, who was hired by the Univer-
sity to serve as a planning consultant for the
new Chadbourne.-Ed.
  In your November issue, p. 9, featuring
the new Chadbourne Skyscraper Dormitory,
you call the original Hall "a decrepit grand-
ma." Really now! Let me give you a glimpse
of student life in those old days.
   When I was 18 years old in 1893, my par-
ents brought me to Mfadison and placed me
in a room on the top or fourth floor of the
old Hall. In horse and buggy and gaslight
days, this was an event of first magnitude.
Built of rough-faced stone, its wood facings
were painted a sad brown. The dark hails
had only a stairway and a freight elevator.
Thrice daily a gong announced meals which
were ready in the diningroom. The food was
clean and wholesome, only like Oliver Twist,
we would have liked more! All life in the
University was then modeled on Puritanism.
The preceptress, Miss Alma Frisby, a lady
with bright brown hair and eyes, was a
New England gentlewoman.
  But there were compensations. For we stu-
dents lived in the great days of Queen Vic-
toria's empire, filled with dazzling art. A few
of us had a small literary society which was
allowed to meet at night in some vacant room
on the campus. In it were Willard Bleyer,
Enrst Kronshage, Charles Vilas, the lovely
Freeman girls, Charlotte and Mary, the Har-
per girls, Mary Spence, and the writer. Once
President and Mrs. Adams, who lived in a
handsome home staffed with servants where
the Memorial Union now is, invited our
group to dinner. We saw many of the treas-
ures which they finally gave to the State His-
torical Society.
  One night in the spring of 1897, when the
Macmillan Company had just brought out
Kipling's "Barrack-room Ballads," our mem-
ber, Charlie Vilas had the floor, and with
Kipling unforgettably made the dawn "come
up like thunder outa China 'crost the Bay !"
Some of us stumbled through the dark back
to old Chadbourne Hall just about breathless
after the visions we had been made to see.
                Annie S. McLenegan '97
                      Beloit, Wisconsin
About the cover
When the Badger football team re-
turned from Minnesota with the Big
Ten Championship and a trip to the
Rose Bowl, a host of happy fans met
the team at the Madison airport. Here,
head coach Milt Bruhn receives a rose
and an appreciative smile from "Miss
Wisconsin", Mary Alice Fox of She-
                  photo by Duane Hopp
Next month:
     A Special Issue
                           for Founders Day
     Planning for the University
                           of Tomorrow
                with contributions from leading
                University of Wisconsin officials
watch for this important issue ;
Wisconsin Alumnus, January, 1960

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