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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 61, Number 8 (Dec. 1959)


Seritals Dept.
   % Memorlal Libr., Univ. ot Wis.,
      Madison 6, WIs.
           Bell System               Teamwork               Is   a Vital
        in Efficient, Economical Telephone Service
                             Direct Distance Dialing is an example of the
                        value of unified research, manufacture and operations-
  There are great advantages
to the public and the nation in
the way the Bell System is set
up to provide telephone service.
It is a very simple form of or-
ganization, with four essential
  Bell Telephone Laboratories
does the research.
  The Western Electric Com-
pany is the Bell System unit
which does manufacturing,
handles supply, and installs
central office equipment.
  Twenty-one Bell Telephone
operating companies provide
service within their respective
  The American Telephone
and Telegraph Company co-
ordinates the whole enterprise
and furnishes nationwide serv-
ice over Long Distance lines.
  Each is experienced and effi-
cient in its own field. But the
particular value of each is greatly
extended because all four parts
are in one organization and
work together as a team.
  Direct Distance Dialing-one
of the greatest advances in the
speed and convenience of tele-
phone service-is an example of
the value of this unified setup.
  Already more than 8,000,000
telephone customers in more
than 700 localities can dial di-
EXAMPLE OF TEAMWORK. At left is new fast-moving switch (about % actual
size) used in Direct Distance Dialing. Many of them go into action automati-
cally every time you dial. Enclosed in gas-filled glass tubes to assure perfect
contacts. Made to last 40 years. The result of Bell Telephone Laboratories
and Western Electric working together to get best and most economical
design. At right is remarkable new machine, designed by Western Electric,
which automatically assembles 360 switches an hour at very small cost.
rect to as many as 46,000,000
telephones throughout the
country. Each month there are
more. Millions of others can
dial direct over shorter out-of-
town distances. Calls as far as
3000 miles away go through in
  All of this didn't just happen.
It called for years of intensive
planning, the invention of
wholly new machines and
equipment, and the develop-
ment of new operating and ac-
counting techniques.
  Research alone couldn't have
done it. Neither manufacturing
nor operations separately could
have done it. And just money
couldn't have done it, although
it takes money and a lot of it
for telephone improvement.
  The simple truth is that it
could never have been done so
quickly and so economically
without the unified setup of the
Bell System.
  For many a year it has given
dynamic drive and direction to
the business and provided the
most and the best telephone
service in the world.
Bell Telephone System

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