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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 61, Number 8 (Dec. 1959)

Alumni news,   pp. 35-38

Page 35

alumni news
  Charles L. DEAN '01, retired associate
professor of mechanical engineering in the
UW Extension Division, has spent most of
the 11 years since he retired from teaching,
correcting over 19,000 correspondence test
papers. The correspondence courses are on
diesel engines and are conducted by the
United  States  Armed   Forces  Institute
(USAFI). With the steady enrollment in the
courses, Prof. Dean is sure to have plenty of
work to keep him busy for many more
  Lina JOHNS '01 recently observed her
89th birthday at the Dodgeville General Hos-
pital where she resides. In her 46 years of
teaching, she has had such distinguished
pupils as William T. Evjue, editor and pub-
lisher of The Capital Times, and internation-
ally known news analyst H. V. Kaltenborn.
  University Prof. Edwin WITTE '09 has
been reappointed to the review board of the
United Auto Workers.
  Edwin C. AUSTIN '12 partner in the Chi-
cago law firm of Sidley, Austin, Burgess, and
Smith, has been elected to the board of
trustees of Northwestern University.
  Arthur J. ALTMEYER '14, who retired
some years ago as head of the Federal Social
Security system, was one of several Wiscon-
sin men honored with special citations at the
Wisconsin Council of Agriculture's annual
convention in October. He was cited as "the
architect of the Federal Social Security sys-
  Donald F. MATTSON '15 has retired as
a Federal-State Market News reporter in
Wisconsin Alumnus, December, 1959
   Dr. Charles N. FREY '15, -lecturer at the
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, re-
 turned recently from Europe where he at-
 tended the 17th International Congress of
 Pure and Applied Chemistry at Munich,
 Germany. He served as a titular member of
 Commission B, Fermentation Industries Divi-
   Mrs. Frank Dugan (Sarah VANCE '17)
 has retired after nearly 40 years service as
 director of the State of Kentucky Health De-
 partment's Food and Drugs Division.
   Deane G. DAVIS '18 is general agent for
 the Ohio National Life Insurance Co. in
 Sioux Falls, So. Dak.
   Erwin C. BRENNER '19 and Ernest F.
 SEMRAD '19 have been named senior vice
 president and vice president of gas supply
 and distribution respectively for the Mil-
 waukee Gas Light Co.
 Mabel D. VERNON '21 is the principal
 of Swanson Ranch School, a private institu-
 tion at Van Nuys, Calif.
 William R. KELLETT '22 has been elected
 president of the Kimberly-Clark Corp. He
 has spent his entire career with the corpora-
 tion, both before and after his graduation
 from the University.
 Dr. L. S. ELLIS '23 has relinquished his
 duties as dean and director of the University
 of Arkansas College of Agriculture and Agri-
 cultural Experiment Station and has accepted
 an assignment with ICA as agricultural eco-
 nomics advisor in Ankara, Turkey.
 John P. GERHAUSER '23, delivered a
 technical paper entitled "Corrosion of Four-
 drinier Wires" at the 14th annual Engineer-
 ing Conference of the Technical Association
 of the Pulp & Paper.Industry (TAPPI).
 Rep. Lester R. JOHNSON '24 (D-Black
River Falls) was named by the House Agri-
culture committee as chairman or tne suD-
committee on dairy and poultry.
   Laura M. GRAPER '24 is secretary of the
Fort Atkinson Alumni Club.
   Orin S. WERNECKE '26, branch manager
of the Curtis Publishing Co., was in Madison
recently to address the Madison Advertising
  Dr. Paul R. AUSTIN '27 has been ap-
pointed manager of the patent and licensing
section in the development division of the
Du Pont Company's International Depart-
  Mrs. Kenneth R. LeCount (Irma THOMP-
SON '28) is secretary-treasurer of the Bea-
ver Dam Alumni Club.
  Beatrice ARONSON Schapper '28 is con-
ducting a magazine workshop at New York
University. She is a founder-member of the
Society of Magazine Writers.
  Donald B. ABERT '28, a vice president
and business manager of The Journal Com-
pany in Milwaukee, was promoted to the
newly created position of general manager.
  Prof. Asher E. TREAT '29, of the faculty
of the City College of New York, is the
author of several recent publications in ento-
mology printed by the Smithsonian Institu-
tion and by the magazine Ecology. He was
listed as special research fellow of the Na-
tional Institute of Allergy and Infectious Dis-
   Mark SCHORER '29, is the author of the
 introduction to the Grove Press' edition of
 the controversial D. H. Lawrence novel,
 Lady Chatterley's Lover.
   "Tail of the Dog," a short story     by
August DERLETH '30 has been awarded the
$1,000 first prize in the Scholastic Maga-
zines' Story contest for 1958.
   Franklin L. ORTH '30, former deputy
assistant Secretary of the Army, has been
elected executive vice president of the Na-
tional Rifle Association.
   Dr. G. James FLEMING '31 is director of
the Institute for Political Education at Mor-
gan State College, Baltimore, Md.
   Prof. James WATROUS '31 has been
elected president of the Midwest College Art
  Judge David A. JONES '31 recently spoke
out in favor of the power of publicity as a
deterrent to crime, both juvenile and adult.
The Iowa County Judge feels that discip-
linary problems are a result of the public's
increasing lack of willingness to accept re-
  Dr. Theodore L. HARTRIDGE '31 has
joined the Jackson Clinic in. Madison as a
specialist in the ear, nose, and throat depart-
  Dr. Doris JOHNSON '31 has been named
president of the American Dietetic Assn. She
is director of the department of dietetics at
Grace-New Haven Community hospital in
New Haven, Conn.
  George E. WATSON '32, state superinten-
dent of public instruction, said recently that
IM; WULLLL U CAL picabuiIii 11ib iLust in
months in office to get Wisconsin schools to
improve their academic programs.
   Robert H. McMICKEN '32 is president of
Fort Atkinson Alumni Club.
   Emma C. TURNER '32 was married in
Beloit to Norton E. Masterson, a trustee of
Lawrence College and a member of the Co-
ordinating Committee for Higher Education.
  Dr. Robert Dean WRIGHT '33 has been
appointed assistant director of health and
medical activities of the Office of Vocational
Rehabilitation in Washington, D. C.
  Alfred B. UEKER '33 has been appointed
superintendent of plant at the University of
  Eric BROTHERSON '33 is in the national
company of My Fair Lady.
  Army Col. Joseph J. PEOT '34 is attend-
ing the Army War College at Carlisle Bar-
racks, Pa.
  A. E. FRIEDE '37, owner of the Town
Campus Motel in Madison, announces that his
motel will be increased in size from 23
rooms to 46.
  Philip S. DAVY '37 has been elected chair-
man of the Wisconsin Section of the Amer-
ican Water Works Assn.

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