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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 61, Number 8 (Dec. 1959)

A banner day for alumni clubs,   pp. 24-[26]

Page 25

mote enthusiasm for the club. He gave
suggestions as to how this enthusiasm
can be stimulated by publishing a news-
letter which will keep members in-
formed on the University and the activi-
ties of the local club. Another effective
way to encourage interest and participa-
tion is to have a regular schedule of
alumni club events.
   The keynote for the day was set by
Dr. J. Martin Klotsche, provost of the
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,
when he spoke on the role of local
alumni clubs. Dr. Klotsche explained
this role as "promoting the cause of the
University." In that respect the func-
tion of the clubs is two-fold.
   Local alumni clubs serve as "outposts
of understanding" in interpreting the
University to the public. Their purpose
should be to aid in explaining the pro-
grams of teaching, research, and public
service being carried on by the Univer-
  The second function of an alumni
club, according to Dr. Klotsche, is to act
as a "center of initiative" and generate
a program of activities which are spe-
cifically designed to further the cause
of the University. In accomplishing this,
local clubs can help "identify superior
talent"-that is, superior high school
students who can be expected to do well
in college. As there is a growing tend-
ency on the part of many institutions to
pursue numbers rather than excellence,
Dr. Klotsche thought this function of
an alumni club to be especially impor-
tant. Another way in which a club can
help its university is to assist in a legis-
lative program which will result in the
passing of appropriate legislation de-
signed to further the cause of the uni-
versity. The final way in which a local
alumni club can be of service is to assist
in fund raising to support the institu-
tion it represents.
Wisconsin Alumnus, December, 1959
  The second half of t
devoted to a briefing ses
versity budget for the second half of
the biennium, 1960-61. Participating in
this forum were President Conrad A.
Elvehjem, Regent Charles D. Gelatt,
and Prof. William H. Young, a special-
ist on budgetary matters.
   President Elvehjem began with a brief
explanation of the University budget
and made clear the problems that are
likely to be encountered in future legis-
lative sessions when more money will be
needed to compensate for the rising en-
rollment. Regent Gelatt spoke on the
importance of adjusting salaries so that
it would be possible to secure and main-
tain a faculty which is worthy of Wis-
consin. Prof. Young outlined some of
the areas where improvement in bud-
getary planning would be needed to
maintain an adequate balance between
the University's many departments. Spe-
cific increases are being planned for the
library, research funds, and additional
building projects. In his remarks, Prof.
Young said that people shouldn't neces-
sarily be proud of running a "cheap"
institution because over-emphasis on
economy of operation often leads to a
decline of quality.
  The meeting was closed with some
final remarks by Marty Below who en-
couraged all club officers to put forth an
extra effort to make the Wisconsin
Alumni Association the largest and best
in the country.
  The meeting adjourned just a few
minutes before noon, in time for those
attending to take advantage of a box-
lunch served with the compliments
of the Wisconsin Alumni Association.
Refreshed and aware of the needs of
the University and its alumni, the par-
ticipants in this annual club conference
then joined the streams of people mov-
ing towards the stadium.
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Alumni Club Conference
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