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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 60, Number 13 (May 1959)

Alumni news,   pp. 26-34

Newly married,   p. 34

Page 34

(Ark.) department of communications and
we appreciate the nice things he said about
the Wisconsin Alumnus!
  Richard GLAMAN has been editor of the
Westfield Central Union. He is married and
has two children. He had been working with
the Appleton Post-Crescent.
  Russell NOTT, an investigating attorney
for Farmers Mutual Insurance Co., recently
was admitted to the Wisconsin bar. He and
his wife live in Madison with their two
  Elsie JUHL is a physical therapist with a
Juhlsgaard, Viuf, Denmark, address. She has
been seeing a good bit of Europe via tours
from her home base.
  The new president of Northwestern col-
lege in Watertown, Wis., is Prof. Carleton
  Peter SCHILS is a director of the Sheboy-
gan UW Alumni club.
  Wallace R. PETERS is treasurer of the
Rockford UW Alumni club.
  Warren SELBO is principal of Stoughton
High school.
  Fourteen members of the class up until
March 1 contributed $103.50 to the Wis-
consin Alumni House on Observatory Hill.
  Associated with the Thiokal Chemical
Corp. in Brigham City, Utah, is Jim H.
BOEHNLEIN, who also reports the birth of
daughter Ellen Ann last year. Jim had been
with Chance-Vought Aircraft in Dallas.
  Walter A. NOWICKI is teaching social
studies and coaching football, basketball and
track at St. Mary's Springs, Fond du Lac, as
well as helping care for an eight-months old
  Lt. (j.g.) R. G. KELLSON is now at-
tached to the staff of Commander, Amphibi-
ous Squadron Eight, aboard the U.S.S. Po-
cono, which has been on Sixth Fleet maneu-
vers in the Mediterannean area.
  Kathleen J. RUSSELL is secretary-treasurer
of the Iowa County UW Alumni club.
  Althea A. HILL is now Sheboygan County
public health nurse.
  Mr. and Mrs. Victor R. HILAROV (Sallie
Anne   HATHAWAY       '55)  spent seven
months last year, traveling 17,000 miles on
$2,000, visiting much of Europe including
Yugoslavia and east Germany. They ended
up back in Milwaukee with $5-just in the
nick of time! He reported: "Everywhere we
found vast reservoirs of good will toward
Americans. We were a little surprised, in
view of what we had read and been told
back home. Americans are genuinely liked."
  Howard L. FINK is a second-year law
student at Harvard Law School.
  Gilbert BLECK, William J. HAAS '58
and Gerald STENLYFT '48 are all em-
ployed by Delco-Remy in Anderson, Ind.
  Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. MITCHELL
(Ruth SCHULKE) are living in Madison,
where she has a position with the Memo-
rial Library.
  Walter 0. SEABORG is new associate
editor of the Wisconsin REA    News in
  William LOWE is teaching history and
coaching baseball at Regis High school in
Eau Claire.
  Marilyn Mason is an assistant editor with
the Ohio Agricultural and home economic ex-
tension service at Ohio State U.
  Mr. and Mrs. William NIEWOEHNER
  (Gwyneth CHANDLER '58) are parents of
a daughter, Lisa; they live in Wauwatosa.
  Alfred J. D'ONOFRIO has become Mid-
dleton's first full time engineer.
  A daughter, Claudette, to Irene (FOR-
MAN '57) and Claude CHARPENTER, on
January 14, in Brooklyn.
  Twenty-one members of the class have-
contributed $151 toward the Alumni House
campaign to remodel old Washburn Obser-
vatory into  an  alumni headquarters on
  It's now Lt. John F. PAMPERIN at the
Provost Marshal General's School, Fort Gor-
don, Ga.
  Among new Wisconsin alumni club offi-
cers: Ray PAUL, president at Rockford;
William   WORTHINGTON, director       at
Rockford, and Eugene LYNCH, vice pres-
ident at West Bend.
  Army 2nd Lt. Loren F. BROWN has com-
pleted infantry officers leadership course at
Fort Benning, Ga., as has 2nd Lt. William
  Mrs. Constance GERVAIS Stephenson has
joined the UW Extension division as advisor
to some 10,000 UW correspondence study
  Thomas P. MOORE has passed the state
certified public accountant examination and
is employed by a Madison accounting firm.
  2nd Lt. Thomas S. STAFFORD has com-
pleted the officer basic course at the Army
Signal School, Ft. Monmouth, N.J.
  Daniel R. HUBER completed an officer's,
basic course at Army Transportation school
at Ft. Eustis, Va.
  Barbara WETLZER is teaching English at
Watertown High school.
  William THIESENHUSEN has been on
a speaking tour of Wisconsin describing his
experiences as an International Farm Youth
Exchange -student in Spain.
  And Wayne E. MEISTER, now studying
at the University of Stockholm's Interna-
tional Graduate School in Sweden, wrote a
series of articles on his Russian tour for the
Beaver Dam Citizen.
  James D. QUINN is with the technical
services at Monsanto Chemical Co.'s John F.
Queeny plant at St. Louis.
  Army 2nd Lt. William D. FROMM com-
pleted the officer leadership course at the
Infantry School, Ft. Benning, Ga. complet-
ing the same course was 2nd Lt. Gaylord
R. CARLEY, 2nd Lt. James F. SLOAN,
2nd Lt. David LEITH, and 2nd Lt. Frederick
  Pvt. Lloyd L. LUDKEY has completed an
electronics course at Fort Monmouth, N.J.
  2nd Lt. Joseph E. CONRAD has com-
pleted the 10-week officer basic course at
Army Signal school, Ft. Monmouth, N. J.
   Carol EDLER '54 and Richard J. BAU.
MANN, Madison.
   Arlys R. OLSON and Monte C. Kravik,
   Janice E. WARNER     '59 and Richard
PAYNTER, Madison.
   Soledad Perez and Robert K. NEWMAN,
 Bloomington, Ind.
   Suzanne M. STREIFF and Robert W.
 Buck, Syracuse, N.Y.
   Beth C. GOLDSTOCK '60 and Herbert M.
GAHR, Brooklyn, N.Y.
  'Sylvia A. WOLVERTON '59 and Clemens
  S. SCHMIDT, Madison.
  Sheila WILDER and Robert Hoke, APO,
New York, N.Y.
  Mary A. RUSY and Eckart F. Schultz,
  Roberta C. Schwade and Sanford FED-
DERLY, Milwaukee.
  Patricia A. LANGSFORD and William
CHASE '58, Green Lake.
  Shirley J. BUSK and Ward K. POLLARD,
Tulsa, Okla.
  Carole J. Weger and H. Alan WIE-
GAND, Milwaukee.
  Martha H. Hayes and Ronald F. LA-
BISKY, Champaign, Ill.
  Janet C. NELESEN    '59 and Dennis H.
DUEBNER, Sheboygan.
  Ida J. Latimer and Wolmar J. STOFFEL,
Washington, D.C.
  Joanne M. Maxwell and Carl W.
STEPHAN, 'St. Paul, Minn.
  Elba VALDIVIA and Gunther Remmling,
Alton, Ill.
  Judith L. Robertson and Lawrence D.
BUTLER, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  Margaret C. Falk and James C. PANK-
RATZ, Madison.
  Nancy A. BARRETT and Robert C. DO-
MAN '59, Madison.
  Lois SHERMAN and Norton STOLER,
  Mary A. Knutson and Richard C. GAB-
RIEL, Milwaukee.
  Lorna J. STEUL and Robert L. WINN
'59, Madison.
  Martha A. ROSS and Lt. H. Brooks West,
Park Ridge, Ill.
  Sharon D. BELL and William J. MUR-
RAY, Skokie, Ill.
  Frederica Sadowski and   Richard   B.
JATCZAK, Seattle, Wash.
  Mary M. HILTON and Lawrence J. JOR-
DAN, Newton, Ia.
     Wisconsin Alumnus, May, 1959

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