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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 60, Number 13 (May 1959)

Alumni news,   pp. 26-34

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the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture
and Forestry.
  Percy HARDIMAN '32, new president of
the Wisconsin Farm Bureau, commutes daily
to Madison from his farm near Hartland in
Waukesha County.
  Del BRAULT '31 is a director of the
Manitowoc UW Alumni club; Robert H.
McMICKEN     '32 is vice-president of the
Fort Atkinson club.
  H. Maxwell MANZER '32 and Hugh F.
OLDENBURG '36 have combined their Mad-
ison law practices into a new law firm; third
member of the firm is Arthur E. ENGEL '51.
  Prof. Arthur C. COPE '32, head of the
department of chemistry at Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, is chairman of the
American Chemical Society's board of direc-
  Joseph G. WERNER '33 is a district gov-
ernor of Rotary International; he lives in
Madison and is a partner in the law firm, of
Thomas, Orr, Isaksen, Werner and Lathrop.
Other UW alumni who are Rotary district
governors are Ray S. Erlandson '18 of San
Antonio, Tex., and Allen G. UMBREIT '21,
Muskegon, Mich. The latter is the retired
director of the Community Junior College
in Muskegon, and Erlandson is chairman of
the department of business administration of
Trinity University is San Antonio.
  A new Madison law firm includes Claude
J. JASPER '33, John D. WINNER '43 and
Robert I. PERINA '53. Jasper is also state
chairman of the Republican party of Wis-
consin and a member of the national GOP
executive committee.
  L. Fredric (Fritz) HOEBEL '34 has been
named a vice-president of the Mutual of
Omaha company; he is assistant treasurer
and the firm's chief investment officer.
  Elmer EBERT '34 is a director of the
Burlington UW Alumni club.
  Charles LeCLAIR '35 is head of the art
department of Chatham College in Pitts-
burgh, and has had a number of showings of
his work in various galleries.
  Stanley REWEY '35 is a senior vice pres-
ident of the Marshall and Ilsley Bank in
Milwaukee; he is a member, too, of the
Wisconsin State Investment Board.
  New Walworth county agent with head-
quarter in Elkhorn is Stanley IHLENFELDT
  Wisconsin Alumni House contributors to
March 1 from 'the Class of 1941 were 23 in
number, with a total of $220.50.
  Mrs. Robert Rote (Marion M. ETTER
'41) and Mrs. Merlin Meythaler (Dorothy
L. PETERSIK '41) are vice president and
director, respectively, of the Green County
UW Alumni club.
  Mr. and Mrs. A. T. PRENGEL '42 (Ruth
H. SCHROEDER '39) live in Beirut, rLebanon,
with their two sons. Mr. Prengel is first secre-
tary at the American embassy there. She is
writing a book about ancient Egyptian
  Wallace BERG is president of the newly
formed General Life Insurance Corp. of Wis-
consin. He was former assistant superinten-
dernt of agencies for Northwestern Mutual.
  Robert 0. WILLIAMS '41 is administrator
of the Reedsburg municipal hospital. He is
married and has two sons.
  Dr. Elmer C. RIECK '42 is personnel
administrator at the University of Hawaii.
  Dominic J. SANTINI '42 was named pres-
ident of the Gogebic-Iron UW Alumni club
and Franklin NEHS '42 is a director of the
Fox Rixer Valley club.
  Joe S. GATES Jr. '42 has been named
executive vice president, trust officer and a
director of the National Bank of Commerce
in Superior. He is married and the father
of two.
  D. Rex SCOTT '42 is assistant general
manager of Robertshaw-Fulton Control Com-
pany's Western Research Center in Anaheim,
  John W. LEYKOM '42 heads the sales
service department of Brown and Bigelow,
calendar publishing company of St. Paul.
  Twenty five members of the Class of 1942
have so far contributed $178.50 and 21 mem-
bers of the Class of 1943 have so far con-
tributed $135.50 toward the Wisconsin Alum-
ni House on Observatory Hill.
  President and director of the Racine UW
Alumni club are, respectively, Thomas A.
LINTON '43 and Mrs. Carl E. WULFF
(Esther NIESS '43); directors of the Fox
River Valley club are Donald C. BRADLEY
'43 and Mrs. William T. Ducklow (Mary
Ellen POMEROY). 'Harold STEINKE '43 is
a director of the Sheboygan club.
  Elliot M. NESVIG '43 is vice president
of marketing of the Pyle-National Co., elec-
trical equipment manufacturers.
  If you're a Class of '44 member-or should
be-plan to be on hand for the 15th reunion
in June. Co-chairmen 'are Emily Jane GRA-
HAM Kiekhofer (21 Hiawatha Circle) and
Mary Jane PURCELL Day (321 N. Midvale
Blvd.), both of Madison.
  Dr. Donald P. AMES '44 is a scientist
with Monsanto Chemical Co.'s inorganic
chemicals division at St. Louis.
  Fourteen class members of '44 and eight
from '45 have so far contributed $101 and
$48.50, respectively, toward the Wisconsin
Alumni House.
  William B. RODIGER '45 is president of
the La Canada Chamber of Commerce. He
operates a downtown Los Angeles law office.
He's married and has two children.
  Secretary 'treasurer and director, respec-
tively, of the Fox River Valley UW Alumni
club are Dr. Janet WHITMORE '45 and
Mrs. Robert W. Johnson (Ardith Joy Mac-
DONALD; 'Mrs. Robert ZINKGRAF, a '45
graduate of UW-M, is director of the West
Bend club.
  Paul M. IPSEN '45 and Mary MacCulloch
were married in February; he is manager of
the Cuba City Creamery.
  Delford HANKE '46 is a director of the
Fox River Valley UW Alumni club.
  W. L. PHILLIPSEN '46 is organization
director of Dairy Society International in
Washington, D.C.
  Mr. and Mrs. Leonard S. EISENBERG
'46 (Sydelle RESNICK '47) announce the
birth of their third child, first daughter, in
Glencoe, Ill.
  Fifteen members from '46 and 26 from
'47 hWave contributed, so far, $127.50 and
three new higher education committees named
  The Coordinating Committee for Higher Education plans
to establish and work with three new higher education groups
in the state, in an effort to bring about closer teamwork
among all institutions:
   1. An 18-member Joint Staff planning committee with
representatives from public and private institutions: the Uni-
versity, state colleges, private colleges, schools of vocational
and adult education, county teachers colleges, and school
board, Wisconsin educational and high school principals
associations. Initially, the committee will evaluate current
post-high school programs.
   2. A council of presidents and deans from the Uni-
versity of Wisconsin and State Colleges. "It is imperative
that each (state) college and university recognize itself as
an integral part of the total system of higher education in
Wisconsin," said the CCHE. The Council will provide ma-
chinery for active coordination 'between public institutions,
and permit the trade of experiences in the fields of manage-
ment and instruction.
   3. A joint standing Committee on Adult Education to sur-
vey the diverse adult education and extension services offered
Wisconsin residents. The committee will "study the inter-
relationships of existing programs and identify areas of pos-
sible duplication". Particular heed will be paid to northern
Wisconsin Alumnus, May, 1959

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