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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 60, Number 13 (May 1959)

Alumni news,   pp. 26-34

Page 28

as Madison General Hospital's pathologist
and director of laboratories since 1926, re-
ceived a recognition plaque from the hos-
pital association.
  The Class of 1922 has so far contributed
$894.50, from 37 people, to the UW Alumni
House campaign.
   The Rev. Benjamin Saunders '23 was
named a director of the Racine UW Alumni
  Elmer E. PRICE '23 of Evanston, Ill., was
named chairman of the board of Eugene
Dietzgen Co., manufacturers and marketers
of a broad line of drafting, surveying and
printmaking products. He will have broad
responsibilities for the company's industrial
and governmental relations. He had been
executive vice president of the firm, with
which he has been associated since 1925.
  Since 1946 Hugh L. RUSCH has been vice
president of Opinion Research Corporation.
He resides in Lambertville, N. J. (class of
  'Mrs. Carroll 'R. 'Heft ('Arleen D. KLUG
'24) is vice president of the Racine UW
Alumni Club.
  Thirty eight members of the Class of 1923
have contributed $2,488.79 to the Wisconsin
Alumni House; likewise 40 members of the
Class of 1924, with $3,079; and 21 members
of the Class of 1925 with $3,280.
  Appointed Douglas county judge by Gov.
Nelson was attorney Donald A. ROCK '25
of Superior.
  Waldemar NAUJOKS '26 is now associ-
ated with Octigan Forge Division of Chicago
as chief engineer.
  Patriarch of the Wisconsin Assembly is
durable John KOSTUCK '26 of Stevens Point
--blind since he was 15, a leg amputated
last year-who has been a legislator since
  James HAYES '25 has moved from Elk-
horn to Whitewater where he is with the
Max's Walgreen drugstore as registered phar-
  Earl F. HALVERSON '27 is regional di-
rector of the U. S. department of labor's
wage and hour and public contacts division
for Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wiscon-
sin. with headquarters in Chicago.
  Edward SEIM '27 is treasurer of the Wau-
sau UW Alumni club.
  Benjamin R. TEARE Jr., '27, dean of the
college of engineering and science, Carnegie
Institute of Technology, has -been nominated
as president of the American Society for
Engineering Education.
  First Wisconsin National Bank Vicepresi-
dent Robert A. ZENTNER '28 has been
named to head the bank's new banks and
insurance division in Milwaukee.
  Elected as a trustee of the American So-
ciety for Metals was Merrill A. SCHEIL '27,
who is director for metallurgical research at
the A. 0. Smith Corp., Milwaukee. Both
he and his wife (Marion KRUG '28) are
long-time members of the Wisconsin Alumni
club of Milwaukee.
  Mrs. L. E. Ryall '28 (Genevieve REESE)
is a director of the Burlington Alumni club.
   Rollie BARNUM '28, veteran Big Ten
football official, has announced his retirement
from the gridiron. He 'is in the *brokerage
business in Milwaukee. "There always comes
a time and this is it for me," he said. "The
old legs just aren't what they used to be."
  Three Class of 29 members hold posts in
the Chequamegon Bay Alumni club: Mrs.
Karl A. Vandebrooke (Maurine L. EVA
'29) is secretary and Theron P. PRAY and
Lewis J. CHARLES are directors.
  Leo J. KLINGER '29 is president of the
Klinger Paint and Mfg. Co. in Cedar Rapids
and Clinton, Iowa; he is new president of
the country club there and has been trustee
chairman of the First Presbyterian church.
  Ray SENNETT '30 is new president of
the Security State Bank, Madison's East Side
-his favorite community. His wife is the
former Helen SCHNEIDER '30 and they
have a daughter, Sally Ann, a high school
  Margaret QUAM '30 is secretary treasurer
of the Burlington UW Alumni club.
  Dr. Samuel Engle BURR Jr. '27 is director
of off-campus and in-service training pro-
grams at the American University, Washing-
ton, D.C.
  A special presentation of a play "The Dia-
mond" by Dr. Aurelia SCOTT '26, associate
professor of English at Wagner college, was
presented at the college on Staten Island,
New York.
  From 19 members of the Class of 1926
and 29 members of the Class of 1927 came
$755.30 and $433.50, respectively, for the
'Wisconsin Alumni House on Observatory
Hill. Twenty-eight from the Class of '28 had
contributed, so far, $2,55,6.50.
  'Mrs. Konrad Testwuide Jr. (Charlottee
ANDERSEN '28) is vice president of the
Sheboygan UW Alumni club.
  W. B. MURPHY '28, president of the
Campbell Soup Co. of Camden, N. J., has
been elected a trustee of the Academy of
Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. He resides
in Glawyne, Pa.
                         Haaken I. ROM-
IV'S 28 has been
elected   president
and a director of the
Western Electric Co.
He had been      a
vice president in
charge of operation
and engineering
since   1955 and
started in the Bell
system by installing
                        e y- lUnl esI n  1
                        summer of 1927
during the college vacation of his senior year.
The Western Electric firm employs more than
122,000. Romnes and his wife live in Cha-
tham, N.J.
  Twenty members of the Class of 1929 have
contributed $760 toward the Alumni House
on Observatory Hill.
  Wallace L. (Jimmy) WILGUS, senior
geologist for Shell Oil Co. in Tulsa, received
a diamond-studded service pin and gold
wrist watch for his quarter-century with the
  Prof. Harold (Bud) Foster '30 has stepped
off the head basketball coach pedestal at
Wisconsin and will now direct the grant-
in-paid and related athletic programs.
   Mark L. MITCHELL '30 of Green Bay
 was elected president of The Larsen Co. He
 is nationally known for his work in the
 field of raw   products procurement and
 canner-grower relations. He is married and
 the father of two.
   Thiety-four members of the Class of 1930
 have contributed $1,162 toward the Wiscon-
 sin Alumni House, so far.
   Dr. George H. BROWN '30 has been
 named vice president of engineering of the
 Radio Corporation  of America's research
 laboratories in Princeton, N.J. He joined the
 firm upon graduation (he received four UW
   Recently resigned as administrator with
 the Department of Commerce in the Philip-
 pines is Carlos QUIRINO '31, who is now
 in the United States.
   Armand CIRILLI '31 is a director of the
Gogebic-Iron UW Alumni club.
  The wife of U.S. Ferry pilot Max Conrad,
who recently completed a 4,805-mile nonstop
flight from Chicago to London in a single-
engine plane, is Betty BRE'SANZ '31.
   The members of the Class of 1931 have so
far contributed-20 of them, that is-$376
toward the Wisconsin Alumni House on
Observatory Hill; the Class of 1932-$392.50
from 19 members.
  John J. DIXON '31 is vice president of
the IJW Alumni club of Rockford, Ill.
  Anna E. GRIMM '31 is a member of the
February, 1960, class of the American Insti-
tute for Foreign Trade, Phoenix.
  Mrs. C. V. Mars (Ruth L. MUNDT '32)
is secretary treasurer of the Marinette Meno-
minee UW    Alumni club. Joe TRIER '32 is
a director of the Gogebic-Iron club.
  Mrs. David Malaiperuman (Marjorie
LUETSCHER '32) lives in Calcutta, India,
where she is a teacher in a private English
school and where her husband is a YMCA
  Vern W. SCHMIDT '33 is a director of
the Rockford UW Alumni club.
  Individual members of the Class of 1933
-29 of them-have contributed $1,412.50
toward the Wisconsin Alumni House cam-
  April 7-12 was especially exciting in the
Washington, D.C., home of Mr. and Mrs.
Hugh Jackson (Virginia BROCKETT '33)
since daughter Judy, a UW sophomore, rep-
resented Wisconsin as the state's princess in
the Cherry Blossom festival.
  William O'Gara is assistant production
manager of the Wisconsin Rapids division of
Consolidated Water Power and Paper Co.
  Oswald B. ANDERSON '33 resigned as
secretary to Madison Capital Times publisher
William T. Evjue to go to Formosa for the
International Cooperation Administration.
  Dan J. SPIKA '34 is a Rockford UW
Alumni club director.
  C. A. REINBOLT Jr. '34 is general man-
ager of the kitchen division of the Whirl-
pool Corporation in St. Joseph, Mich.-re-
sponsible for product development, sales,
      Wisconsin Alumnus, May, 1959

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