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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 60, Number 13 (May 1959)

Alumni news,   pp. 26-34

Page 27

late husband, an annual award which will go
to top students in the showman contest at
the UW's "Little International" livestock
  Here is how various classes stood in the
Alumni House Campaign drive early last
month; as far as individual donors were con-
cerned: Class of 1901-two contributors, a
total of $100; Class of 1902-seven con-
tributors with $180; Class of 1903-seven
with $205; Class of 1904-eight with $285;
Class of 1905-ten with $430; Class of 1906
-fourteen with $470; Class of 1907-twelve
with $3,350; Class of 1908-fourteen with
$1,962.88; Class of 1909-thirteen with
$140; Class of 1910-twelve with $2,110.
  Dr. Frank R. MENNE '13 and his wife
retired to Peebles, Wis., after he had prac-
ticed medicine in Portland, Ore., for 43
  "Your picture . . . of the 1913 Prom in
the old Gym brought back happy memories
to Mrs. Griffith and myself. We enjoyed that
great evening and still have one of the origi-
nal pictures, identical with the one you
published,"wrote Harry B. GRIFFITH '14,
from 820 S. 90th St., Omaha 3, Nebr.
  Raymond Lee CUFF '14, manager of the
southwestern region of Livestock Conserva-
tion Inc. and a resident of Kansas City, re-
ceived a distinguished service award for his
contributions to the livestock industry of
  Rufus R. RUNKE '14, a pioneer in the
use of farm fertilizers and rural electrifica-
tion, retired as farm management officer and
area supervisor for the Farmers Home admin-
istration in 17 southeastern Wisconsin coun-
ties. His successor is James F. WILSON '38.
  Individual contributors from these classes
gave these total amounts to the Wisconsin
Alumni House fund, aimed at remodeling
Washburn Observatory into a headquarters
for alumni: 14 from the Class of 1911-
$661.70; 14 from    the Class of 1912-
$4,571.84; 18 from   the Class of 1913-
$1,725; 17   from   the Class of 1914-
$1,600.80; 18 from   the Class of 1915-
  Gustav BOHSTEDT '15, emeritus profes-
sor of animal husbandry of the UW, has re-
tired again-this time from a visiting profes-
sor post at Southern Illinois university, and
is residing in Madison.
  The president of the American Medical
Women's Association is Katharine W.
WRIGHT '16, Chicago.
  Keith S. Mc-
HUGH '17 retired
on April 30 as pres-
ident of the New
York Telephone Co.
to  accept an   ap-
pointment by New
York's Gov. Rocke-
feller to head the
state's Department
of Commerce. The
governor had prom-
ised to name a top
business executive to tfis post, witn a view
toward stimulating business growth and job
Wisconsin Alumnus, May, 1959
opportunities in the Empire State. McHugh     uted these amounts up to last
month in the
had been serving as chairman of the Corn-     Alumni House Campaign Fund:
Class of
merce Department's business advisory coun-    1916-$1,165 from 19 contributors;
Class of
cil under an appointment by former Gov.       1917-$4,015.35 from 30 contributors;
Harriman; he has also been active in New      of 1918-$4,895 from 23 contributors;
v~ltAl,,,-,n; ,-h,, a4To;re~ an  -~xr- orx;;" nf iC~OIO At40S frnm 20 
connrihnutors- Classs
He is a director of the Greater New York
  Mr. and Mrs. H. Russell BRIGGS '17 of
Waunakee are avid mountain climbers and
are planning to travel onward and upward
in Colorado this summer.
  Dean Mason H. CAMPBELL '18 of the
University of Rhode Island's college of agri-
culture will retire on June 30. He lives in
Kingston, R. I.
  A milestone for Mrs. Breta LUTHER
Griem '19! Ten years for her Milwaukee
WTMJ-TV program "What's New in the
Kitchen"-probably the longest run for any
such program without interruption.
  After retiring in December as export sales
manager with the West Bend Aluminum Co.,
Herbert P. SCHOWALTER '20, decided to
resume the university education interrupted
by service in World War I. He is enrolled
as a journalism student at the University of
Wisconsin-Milwaukee and his main reason
for returning to school, he said, "is to keep
myself mentally abreast of the times." He
also plans to write articles about his service
in Europe in both world wars.
   Individual donors in these classes contrib-
of 1920--$765 from 24 contributors.
  Mrs. Dudley Paul (Aileen HAMILTON
'21) operates a gift and jewelry shop (she
designs much of the jewelry herself) in
Granville, 0., after having had similar shops
in Palm Beach, Fla., and Petoskey, Mich.
Her business name is Aileen Dunkin.
  Twenty-four members of the Class of '21
have so far contributed $3,507.50 toward the
Alumni- House fund.
  Carl E. STEIGER '21, vice-president of
the Board of Regents and president of the
Deltox Rug Co. of Oshkosh, has set up a
fund to award, annually, a $1,000 Emil H.
Steiger award for excellence in teaching by
a UW faculty member. The award is in honor
of his father.
   Frank KUEHL '21 was appointed by the
U. S. Secretary of Labor as administrator of
the welfare and pension plans disclosure
program-aimed at policing pension and
welfare funds. He had been legislative coun-
sel in the Wasington office of the American
Medical Assn.
   Dr. Lester McGARY '21, who has served
. . . . . ..                           All,ý ; A -1 ý4_-* -A
  ;-i ariite ...... .. 10 0 k o   fro  20 co b ....    Class.. .. ...

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