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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 60, Number 12 (April 1959)

Athletics,   pp. 30-31

Page 30

April 18  Illinois at Madison.
      24  At Northwestern.
      25  Southern Illinois at Madison.
May    1 At Purdue.
       2  At Indiana.
       5 At Lawrence (or May 6).
       9  Michigan at Madison.
       11 At Notre Dame.
       15 Quadrangular at Madison (Mich-
          igan State, Iowa, Minnesota).
          (Also May 16).
      20  Ohio State at East Lansing, Mich.
      21 Big Ten Meet at East Lansing,
          Mich. (Also May 22 and 23).
June  22  NCAA Meet at Evanston, Ill.
          (Through June 28).
April 10  All-University Tournament at
          Cambridge. (Also April 11 and
      16  Bradley at Peoria, Ill.
      18  Quadrangular Meet (Illinois, In-
          diana, Purdue) at Champaign,
      27  Northern Illinois at Madison.
May    2  Quadrangular (Northwestern,
          Michigan State, Notre Dame) at
          Evanston, Ill.
       4  Indiana and Northwestern at
       9  Iowa and Minnesota at Minne-
      11 Quadrangular (Iowa, Minnesota,
          and Notre Dame) at Madison.
      13  Western Illinois at Madison.
      16  Quadrangular (Michigan, Michi-
          gan State, Detroit) at Ann Arbor.
      22  Big Ten Meet at Ann Arbor,
          Mich. (Also May 23).
June  21 NCAA Meet at Eugene, Oregon.
          (Through June 27).
May    2  California at Berkeley, Calif.
       9  Columbia, MIT, and    Wayne
          State at Madison.
      16  Eastern Sprints at Princeton, N.J.
      23  Navy at Annapolis, Md.
June  13  Stanford at Madison (tentative).
      20  I.R.A. Regatta at Syracuse, N.Y.
May    2  Purdue Boat Club at Madison
          (JV and freshmen).
after 25 years
    "Bud" Quits Coaching
U   NIVERSITY of Wisconsin varsity
     basketball coach Harold E. 'Bud'
Foster ended his 25 year coaching reign
Saturday, March 7, when his submitted
resignation was accepted by the Univer-
sity of Wisconsin Board of Regents. He
is now a professor of athletics, with spe-
cific duties as director of Grants-in-Aid
and Related Programs.
  The Board, in accepting his coaching
resignation, extended to "Bud" ".their
most sincere appreciation for his devoted
services;" praised "his loyalty and high
sense of sportsmanship and his gentle-
manly manner in training players in this
highly competitive sport," and noted
"the glory and recognition his teams
have brought to the University of Wis-
  University  President Elvehjem  de-
clared in a special statement:
   "There have been no pressures from
within the University in this direction.
Coach Foster submitted his request,
March 4th, and explained that he was
tendering it 'in the hope of seeing an
improvement in the future of Wisconsin
basketball' and asked that public an-
nouncement of his decision be made at
this time.
   "The Athletic Board, made up of fac-
ulty, students, and alumni, approved it
unanimously and forwarded it to me
with a resolution praising his record
and recommending his appointment as
Director of our Grant-in-Aid and Re-
lated Programs.
  "Bud has had an unhappy season. I
know it has discouraged him, for his
heart is in helping his boys win for
Wisconsin. Yet, Bud, perhaps more than
any coach I have known, is basically a
University professor. The academic ac-
complishments of his boys have always
been a major source' of pride for him.
Boys trained in his teams have 'become
leaders in many lines of endeavor."
  State of Wisconsin 'Superintendent of
Public Instruction and Regent George E.
Watson described Coach Foster as "Mr.
Athletics" to public school officials
throughout the state: "To the school
people," he said, "Mr. Foster always
stood for education, and operated on a
very high plane. He was a highly es-
teemed member of the University of
Wisconsin Athletic department to them."
   Coach Foster was one of only two
Big Ten coaches to win a NCAA na-
tional championship   (in 1941). He
guided Badger cage squads to first place
conferences finishes in 1935, 1941 and
1947 and into second place in 1942,
1944 and 1950. He is a past president
of the National Association of Basket-
ball Coaches.
    Wisconsin Alumnus, April, 1959

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